Recruiting just beginning for Humphries

Many of the heavy hitters in college basketball are already involved with Isaac Humphries, and sure are more to enter the mix.

Now that Isaac Humphries is in the United States the big question for him will revolve around recruiting. Already some of the top schools in the country have been in to see Humphries, and the big man is ready to begin the recruiting process.

“I think I am going to take recruiting slow and go at our own pace,” said Humphries about his approach to his recruitment. “Me, my mom, and Coach (Brad) Johnstin don’t want to rush into things. We want to do our research and make a very informed decision.”

Schools such as Duke, Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Florida, Utah, and Kentucky have already started the process, but La Lumiere assistant coach Brad Johnstin says things couldn’t be more open.

“In April when I met them for first time, I told Isaac and his mom that whether they come to La Lumiere or not, I wanted to open their eyes because the whole world is going to recruit him,” explained Johnstin. “I have gone through recruiting myself, and working here I have an idea of what he needs in a school.”

Johnstin continued, “Some schools tried to recruit him before he got over here, but the three of us agreed that his recruitment wouldn’t even start until he got here, and he got here on Friday. I don’t think he could be any more wide open than he is. He is going to want to learn and talk to everybody, and we are going to want to see everybody’s situation, but he couldn’t be any more wide open in the process.”

When asked what Humphries himself knows about some of the schools recruiting him and college basketball in general, the answer was pretty clear.

“I don’t know a lot about it at all to be honest,” said Humphries. “I know enough to have a casual conversation with someone about college basketball, but I am learning about everything now.”

According to Johnstin, Humphries and his mother have a great plan in place for how to handle the recruiting process and will have their priorities in order.

“The biggest thing with Isaac is that he is so much more about substance than what is just on the surface,” said Johnstin. “He isn’t going to be wowed by glitz and glamour. He is looking for what is behind that, specifically the true character of coaches and the program in general. Isaac is a really smart kid and his mom is a really smart lady, so I think they will make a decision based off of the important things.”

When asked what things will be most important to Humphries, Johnstin said, “His relationship with the head coach is going to be the biggest thing. How he feels about the head coach is going to be huge. Also pro development and roster composition will be important. Isaac’s mom has done a great job of grounding him, and I am here to just kind of decipher what the college coaches are saying.”

Obviously with the recruiting process just beginning it is a bit of trial by fire for Humphries, but the talented 7-footer says he is learning quickly.

“I haven’t talked to the other guys about recruiting and coaches, but I am kind of figuring it out on my own,” said Humphries with a laugh. “Some coaches are more aggressive in their approach and intense. You learn about the different styles of recruiting real quickly.”

With so much time left to go and so little information known in this recruitment, La Lumiere is sure to have a whole host of high-major coaches rolling through campus to check in on the very talented Humphries.

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