Allen excited for Florida

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Back in July, the Peach Jam served as a proving grounds for Arkansas guard Kevaughn Allen. A Florida pledge, Allen played some of his prep career’s best basketball that week and entered his high school season as the country’s No. 58 senior prospect.

The Kevaughn Allen show didn’t materialize on Saturday evening as it did during that magical week at the Peach Jam, but the combo guard certainly has continued to work hard and made improvements.

Chief among Allen’s priorities is, at 6-2, to become a point guard. We list him as a SG/PG combo, but now at least it’s arguably that he could be a PG/SG. Without question, he can defend the opposing point guard. Allen possesses lean strength and quick feet, and with an aggressive style he could excel on that end of the court. Additionally, he’s now playing with a more controlled pace and doing a good job of moving the ball around the perimeter. He still must learn to advance it into the lane more often, but he’s clearly ahead of where he was previously.

Allen remains a streaky jump shooter but possesses easy three-point range. He likes to use his dribble to build a rhythm (he’ll need to diminish his reliance on that preference) and then rise impressively for clean looks.

He has a couple target areas in mind as he proceeds through his senior campaign.

”I’ve been working on my first step and trying to be more of a point guard,” Allen said. “The Peach Jam gave me confidence and gave me the faith that I can do it.”

Despite his commitment to Florida, his recruitment has become a topic of discussion given that he didn’t sign in November. Allen insists, however, that he remains firmly in the Gators’ camp.

”It’s still Florida,” Allen said. “I just didn’t sign in the fall, but I’m going to sign later and will go there for summer school.”

Allen should become a valuable performer for the Gators and could develop into the club’s top perimeter defender. All the while, he’s also aiming to polish himself into a complete floor general.

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