2017 Intro: Jordan Whitfield

RALEIGH, N.C. — For Jordan Whitfield, the HSOT Invitational provided him the exposure he needed to move up a category within North Carolina. The Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God shooting guard plays for a backcourt-oriented team yet has managed to establish a place for himself among more experienced teammates.

You wouldn't have expected Jordan Whitfield to step into a major role for WoG as a sophomore, but the slender 6-1 guard possesses impressive confidence and poise given that he's just an underclassman.

Against touted Wesleyan Christian and its star-studded lineup, for example, Whitfield maintained his composure under the bright lights and scored 20 points. He blended long-range jump shots with floaters and attacks to the rim that sent him to the free throw line.

Though slender, Whitfield doesn't appear weak. He has room to fill out and should develop ample strength by the end of his high school campaign. He's also benefiting from the presence of seniors and juniors who presently inhabit the starting lineup, but even so he earned 24 minutes versus Wesleyan.

Whitfield hasn't abandoned the team concept, either. He scored nine points in 20 minutes as WoG dispatched Trinity Christian to close their tournament, attempting just seven shots and dishing out six assists. He's a shooting guard now but looks like a future combo; whether that becomes an SG/PG or PG/SG combo remains to be seen.

The 2016 guard slots as an above-average athlete, not someone who brings the house down but certainly possesses suitable quickness against strong opposition. Ideally, he'll grow another couple of inches, but even if not he's plenty big for a college combo.

Among those that specialize in ranking North Carolinians, Whitfield doesn't yet register on most top 10s in his class. We'll be interested to observe whether he can change opinions by the end of next summer headed into his junior year.

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