Roundtable: Domino Effect?

When Carlton Bragg announced on Kansas on Thursday afternoon, more programs than the Jayhawks had thoughts to ponder.

The decision is in, and Carlton Bragg will make his way to Kansas. After a lull in commitment activity from top seniors, Bragg is one of several highly ranked big men who entered the winter unsigned.

Given that the Jayhawks have been under consideration by several other big-time prospects as well, might Bragg's decision carry some ramifications?

Evan Daniels: I don't think his decision necessarily will carry major ramifications in terms of the other guys Kansas is recruiting, as I think all of these guys are making separate decisions. But with that said, I think it does certainly give them some positive recruiting momentum and that never hurts.

I also think these top guys want to play with other top guys. So it just makes picking Kansas a little sexier. Kansas is in on so many other top guys, it's not out of the realm of possibility that they end up with a top two or three class.

Brian Snow: To me, what is interesting is how the other big time kids look at this decision, and who is paying attention to who. Will a kid like Stephen Zimmerman not want to go to Kansas because Bragg is a power forward and he sees himself in that role?

Then you have other kids like Brandon Ingram that also play the forward position, do they now take Kansas off their list, or do they now like Kansas more because an elite player will be coming in with them. Time will only tell on that, but it is something that will be interesting to track.

Josh Gershon: I think it could have some ramifications, considering Kansas is on other guys, such as Stephen Zimmerman and Ivan Rabb (pictured above), who want to play the same position that Bragg does. Obviously, Zimmerman and Rabb could coexist in the same lineup as Bragg, but I'm sure that commitment is something they at least look at, whether it has a big impact on their ultimate decision or not.

I do think all these kids end up making independent decisions, but they all look at available playing time and Bragg's commitment is something they'll note, even if it's to a small degree.

Rob Harrington: It’s a tricky question. We’ve observed over the past five years teams such as Kentucky and Arizona overloading in the frontcourt, and from that standpoint perhaps neither of Stephen Zimmerman nor Ivan Rabb will factor in Bragg’s decision to any great extent. Besides, they’re both ranked more highly and might not believe anyone would affect their playing time. Such is the nature of a talented, confident athlete.

On the other hand, with other major programs offering a clearer path to big minutes and big scoring opportunity next season, I could see where those guys may delve into the situation a bit more deeply. Ultimately, though, I think the usual factors — development, exposure, relationship with coaches — will carry the day. And there’s also something to be said for being part of a strikingly talented class, a phenomenon that also plays out every recruiting cycle.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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