Roundtable: The Musical Chairs

Within the next 10 days, we’ll have a new set of junior rankings. This week’s question seeks to create an expectation for the amount of movement that’s likely to occur.

We're just around the corner from new junior rankings. Generally speaking, how much movement do you expect there to be since our post-summer rankings, and how much movement do you think there should be during the high school, rather than travel season?

Brian Snow: I think there will be a pretty decent amount of movement, and that should be expected. We are talking about young kids who have had a lot of time to improve or emerge since the last time we updated the rankings.

High school season is different than travel season for most kids as it usually means that they aren't going against or playing with as many talented players, but there is still a lot of value in watching them play in that setting, and often times can prove just as much as seeing them with their travel teams.

Evan Daniels: I've glanced over the depth charts and we have started the process of digging into the 2016 class further. There are going to be some changes, but probably not as significant as I’d expected.

But there will most certainly be new names. I think we'll look closely at the top three to five players and I think we could see a shake up. I like evaluating in both settings because they are very different. I've seen a lot of quality basketball over the past three months, so I'll be able to compare and contrast a lot of players.

Josh Gershon: On the West Coast, there haven't been a ton of new names to emerge in 2016 so far this season, but there are definitely a lot of high major prospects whose stock has changed from our last rankings, one way or the other.

It's important to evaluate kids in AAU, camp and high school settings but I think that, as usual, this high school season has been very beneficial in us solidifying our evaluations of the 2016 class.

Rob Harrington: I believe there’s a real possibility of a change at the top. To me, any of Jayson Tatum (our current No. 1), Harry Giles or Josh Jackson would make for an outstanding choice. People place a great deal of attention onto the top-ranked player, so we’ll certainly need to spend time sorting it out.

Meanwhile, there have been new names from my region (Southeast) that warrant inclusion in the top 100, and certainly the other guys all feel the same way. Some currently ranked players will get squeezed out to accommodate the newcomers, and that’s all just part of the process each time we tackle this endeavor.

As a rule, the travel season offers a more concentrated look at the best players competing against each other. With the exception of the most illustrious and well-funded high schools, that’s infrequently the case during the high school season. On the other hand, you get a better idea for how players fit into structure and how they adjust to having to carry the load. For me, balancing the high school and travel seasons is an essential aspect of scouting.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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