Roundtable: Ranking Disagreements?

After much deliberation, Scout's basketball recruiting team released updated 2016 rankings on Thursday. This week's roundtable questions has to do with the latest update and any changes individual would have made to the list.

Our new 2016 rankings have been released and, as always, they reflect a dedicated team effort. That said, then, based solely on your own opinion, what's one point of disagreement you had with the group.

Rob Harrington In truth, the team actually achieved consensus to a greater extent in this round of rankings than typically is the case. That dynamic almost definitely will not apply after the summer, but we all had priorities for this edition of the list and they didn't often collide with others'. Looking forward, I think some of the guys outside the top 50 — Braxton Blackwell, Curtis Jones and Rodney Miller, among them — all have a good shot to rise over the next several months. I also think Abdul Ado is a touch low at No. 25. I can't forget his dominating defense last summer in Las Vegas. To me, he has a very good shot to crack the prep All-American range before his high school career is finished.

Josh Gershon: I don't think there were any serious disagreements this time around, which definitely isn't always the case. I think we're all in agreement that Harry Giles and Josh Jackson both have serious cases at number one and there's no wrong answer between the two of them. Hopefully one of those two - or someone else - makes that decision easy by the time we do final 2016 rankings roughly 14 months from now. Other than that, I feel pretty good about where our list is at.

Evan Daniels: This is a tough question for me, seeing as I have final say when it comes to these lists. To be frank, this was among the best discussion our team has had regarding a list of rankings. From the initial email on, our team was pretty close to the same page. Only one of the four disagreed with the choice for No. 1. But even that was minor, as he realized how close Giles and Jackson are. I think this is a good list and it gives us a great starting point for the spring, which is a lot closer than that people realize.

Brian Snow: My biggest thing is I felt that Jamal Murray should have been moved to the 2015 class. He is telling coaches to recruit him as a member of the 2015 class, he is graduating this June, and there is roughly a 99.9 percent chance he ends up in that class, so to me my biggest grip with what we did is we continued to include Murray as a member of this class.

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