Ibekwe Hoping For More Interest

Onyi Ibekwe made a decision this summer. Instead of accepting an invite to ABCD Camp, Ibekwe opted to take a trip to Nigeria, the birthplace of his parents. It's a decision he doesn't regret but he may need basketball season to kick start his recruitment.

Academics Important To Ibekwe

Onyi Ibekwe, a 6-7 power forward from Los Angeles (CA) Crenshaw, has set up in-home visits with UTEP (Sept. 10), San Francisco (13) and Portland (15). While Ibekwe isn't disappointed with the schools recruiting him, he did think the interest in his services might be a little greater. "I was getting a lot of calls earlier on and now it seems to be fading away.

One reason, according to Ibekwe, could be due to the fact he missed the ABCD Camp and his chance to showcase his skills on a national level. However, Ibekwe didn't just stay home from the event, he visited Nigeria, the native country of his parents. It was a great learning experience for him and he doesn't regret the decision to skip camp. "It was different," Ibekwe said of Nigeria. "Life out there is slow, it's not a fast life. It's very different."

Ibekwe is going to do some in-homes and maybe take a visit, but it's likely he'll wait and see how his season goes before making a decision. By doing that, some more programs could wind up showing interest. "Those [making in-homes] are the ones that have shown the most interest for some reason," Ibekwe said. "You have to work with you have. I'm thinking some Pac-10's and some east coast schools would be interested because I can compete on that level because I know how to bang. I guess my expectations were too high."

Ibekwe is one of those forwards who is a little small for a power guy but doesn't have all the tools to be a 3-man, which is his goal. "I see myself playing the three in college. I can play the four but I'm working on my game so I can be a combo forward." Last year, Ibekwe averaged 16 points and over 10 rebounds a game. He carries a 3.5 GPA.

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