Giles breaks down list, recruitment

Scout caught up with Harry Giles, one of the best prospects in high school basketball regardless of class, to break down his narrowed list of schools and recruitment.

Although he’s in the midst of his junior season, Harry Giles, Scout’s top player in the 2016 class, cut his list of schools to eight -- Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State, Syracuse, UNLV and Wake Forest.

“I just felt like these were the schools that were recruiting me the most and I have the best relationship with,” Giles told Scout.

Of the final eight schools, Giles has already taken unofficial visits to Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina and Wake Forest. While he doesn’t have any trips set, he’s hoping to take more visits in the near future.

“I’m definitely talking about it, but I don’t have anything planned yet,” Giles said of future visits. “They are just telling me to take my time.”

Giles broke down what he likes about each of the remaining schools:

Duke: “It’s a great program with a legendary coach. They do well with versatile players and I see myself fitting in there with the offense run.”

Kansas: “They develop bigs really well. They might develop bigs the best. Coach [Jerrance] Howard is my guy. He’s one of my favorite coaches. Self said he loves the way I play and they think they can help me.”

Kentucky: “Kentucky is Kentucky. They send players to the league every year. Every school sends players to league, but Kentucky is a great program with a great coach and he has a one goal for you and that’s to help you reach your dream. They have a good team and they get up and down.”

North Carolina: “Same thing with legendary coach. A lot of great players have come out there and a lot of versatile bigs that played my position. They get up and down. You can never go wrong staying at home.”

Ohio State: “I’ve had a relationship with them since my freshman year. Coach [Dave] Dixon, the assistant coach, is one of my favorite coaches and coach Matta is a good dude. They get up and down and they let the players do what they do.”

Syracuse: “I love the coaching staff. They have a legendary coach with coach Boeheim. They’ve been recruiting me since my freshman year. They get up and down and run the zone defense. They let their bigs work out.”

UNLV: “They get up and down. I like to run. They let their bigs go. Anthony Bennett would pull out to the three and handle the ball some. Their coaches are cool. I’m still learning more and more about them.”

Wake Forest: “Coach [Danny] Manning and I do the same things. He showed me video of him when he played and we are a lot alike. Wake is my backyard and right in the same city. I could be the hometown hero. It’s a great program, but a developing a program. I could help put them on the map.”

What’s the next with Giles’ recruitment?

“Right now I just want to finish up the season strong and with a state championship,” he said. “I’ll focus on school and get ready for AAU and start planning some visits. Then I’ll narrow it down again and then it’s probably decision time.”

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