Getting to Know Perkins

It's been an interesting journey to North Lawndale College Prep for 6-foot-9, senior small forward prospect Kenneth Perkins -- and he talks more about it below.

Unsigned senior basketball standout from North Lawndale College Prep, Kenneth Perkins transferred in from Dyett High after they closed their doors after his junior season.

After his junior season, which Perkins played at 6-foot-4, he grew five inches and got the attention of plenty of colleges along the way.

"I learned that I can adapt very quickly, and I learned about my game that I can be an all-around player. That is what Coach Thorpe helped me notice, that I can muscle through everything," Perkins said.

His game also changed, going from playing guard for a much smaller Dyett at 6-4, to playing small forward and North Lawndale College Prep.

"It changed, like they didn't really know how to play me, because I used to be shorter a couple months ago. Now I am 6-foot-9, so they didn't really know what to do with me. They didn't really know where to put me, at guard, forward. Just whatever they needed that is where i played.

There are several schools that have been picking up interest in Perkins as his game keeps progressing.

"LSU, UIC, DePaul, Nebraska has said they will come in and see me. And Creighton, I like Creighton," Perkins said. "A year ago, I was short, and a skinny kid who just liked to dribble and shoot. I played guard. I didn't even make the sophomore team as a freshman at my old school, because my coach told me I was too skinny. I didn't ever see myself making it this far."

And although he doesn't have any offers as of yet, he's excited at the prospect of playing collegiate ball. Something he never thought he would have the chance to do.

"The most exciting thing to me about the prospect of playing college basketball is the competitiveness," Perkins said. "It is going to be very challenging, a big game every night, a lot of people there, games on television, it is going to be a lot to expect about it."

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