Roundtable: Double Trouble

Football signing week has come and gone, but obviously there's some overlap between the two sports. That leads us to this week’s roundtable topic.

We asked our national recruiting panel this question: Who's one player in the senior basketball class you think would be an excellent gridiron prospect, whether he actually played football at some point or not?

Brian Snow: The easy answer is Caleb Swanigan who likely would have been a five-star prospect at offensive tackle had he stuck with football as well as being a five-star in basketball, but I am going to go with Donovan Mitchell (pictured above).

Mitchell is about 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds and probably could play running back, wide receiver, safety or cornerback in football. He has the freak athletic ability that football coaches would love, has good size, is already fairly strong and plays with a lot of energy, and he also shows toughness every time he steps on the basketball court. There is just no doubt in my mind he would be an extremely sought after recruit if he indeed played football.

Rob Harrington: It would be cheating to list Caleb Swanigan, because the massive 6-8 big man already was headed toward football stardom. It’s probably also cheating to nominate Jaylen Brown, because not only is he big, strong, athletic and tough — he hails from football hotbed Georgia.

I’ll pick Damontrae Jefferson. Although only 5-7, Jefferson possesses every fake and stutterstep a person could ask for. Perhaps he’s too slight to be a running back, but as a hybrid-type back or wide receiver, I can’t imagine any 6-1 defensive backs would enjoy the assignment of trying to stay with him. Jefferson has excellent top-line speed and so many moves, I’d think he’d be a dynamite football player.

Evan Daniels: There's a long list of guys you could name here and I personally like both of Brian's choices. But I'll go with someone different. Could you imagine Florida State signee Dwayne Bacon lining up as a wide receiver?

At 6-foot-5, he would have terrific size, strength and athleticism for a wideout. Not to mention, he has good hands and likes to play physical. I'm no football expert and will never claim to be, but I'd find it hard to believe Bacon couldn't have a lot of success on the football field.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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