Interest picking up for Gomez

Terrell Gomez is having a very good junior season and it's led to some high major schools closely monitoring him.

One of the West Coast's top point guards in 2016 is 5-foot-8, 150-pound Terrell Gomez from Inglewood (Calif.)

A small and compact point guard, Gomez is a relentless competitor who is a terrific shooter and passer. He changes speeds well, can hit jumpers from all over the court, has a runner and makes up for his lack of size on defense with his instincts and motor.

Already a very good leader, Gomez wants to keep improving as a facilitator.

"I'm trying to make my teammates better," he said. "I'm trying to be a facilitator. I want to make other guys around me better. I'm leaning when to get certain guys the ball. You have to set guys up the right way."

One of the top shooters on the West Coast, Gomez puts a lot of work into that aspect of his game.

"I make 100 shots a day no matter what," Gomez said. "I'll just find someone at the school whether they play basketball or not and ask them to help me make 100 shots."

Pepperdine has offered Gomez, while USC, California, Grand Canyon and Marquette are showing him interest.

He has some ideas of what he's looking for in a school.

"I want to go somewhere I can play," Gomez said. "I'm not going just to the biggest school. I want to go somewhere I can make the tournament. I want to stay on the West Coast."

USC has spent a lot of time recruiting Gomez and the Trojans are contemplating offer the junior a scholarship.

"I've known Jason Hart for a long time," Gomez said. "We have a really good relationship and he wants me. I just need to keep playing well. Tony Bland has seen me play and I played pretty solid in front of coach (Andy) Enfield. I just need to keep playing well.

"If they offer me it doesn't mean I would automatically take it - I would look at the whole situation - but definitely that would be a high option. It would be a very big deal."

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