Up Close With Torin Francis

Torin Francis is a happy camper. The recruiting process is over and he can go back to being your average 6-10, 18 year-old high school student. Francis speaks about Notre Dame, his recruitment and what lies ahead.

Up Close With Torin Francis

How did you know it was Notre Dame? "I just had a good overall feeling about Notre Dame. I did about a lot of schools so I just chose them."

On keeping a perspective on the situation: "I never really wanted it to get out of control. Even when coaches heard things that weren't even true they were calling to find out. I was trying to do it professionally."

Biggest draw to Notre Dame? "I guess it was everything. I really like Coach Brey. The program is up and coming and I think I can contribute a lot to it. Just Notre Dame and its reputation."

On how tough it was to decide: "I liked all of [the schools] and that's why it was so hard to make my decision. I was hoping to make the decision the next day I got back [from the unofficial trips] but it didn't happen until two weeks later."

Is there a team you would like to play against in college? "Duke. I just want to. That's like the only school that never offered me a scholarship."

About his high school coach David First: "He was helpful. He handled a lot of the coaching stuff and taking calls. He helped me organize my trips and things I didn't want to deal with."

The funniest rumor he heard about himself? "I heard a lot of them when I was finishing my visits. I heard that UNC wasn't being considered anymore. I heard that Georgia Tech was leading. I heard that Florida was leading. I heard a lot of things."

When did you decide? "[On Thursday] I told my mom that I was going to do it."

How good can Notre Dame be? "Real good. Good enough to win the national championship. They won the Big East this year."

What lies ahead for his senior year? "The past two years we played in three national tournaments and made it to the championship in all three of them and lost. We are in two this year. We have to win one and the New England Championship." (Tabor Academy also plays against Oak Hill in the DeMatha Invitational).

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