Olesinski brings high skill level to UCLA

With some refined low post players already on the roster, UCLA snagged a skilled forward in Alex Olesinski.

The UCLA Bruins clearly have been looking to add depth to their frontcourt with the 2015 class, and they did just that on Wednesday night when Alex Olesinski joined in the fold. This is the first commitment from a forward in the class, and Olesinski will bring a unique skillset to the table.

Next year on the roster UCLA will have plenty of size down low with centers Tony Parker and Thomas Welsh, and now a power forward will be able to step out and give them some room to operate. Olesinski provides a different look than what the current UCLA frontcourt has, and that clearly was some of the appeal for the Bruin coaching staff.

At nearly 6-foot-9 with solid athleticism, Olesinski is not the type of big bruising power forward who is going to play down low and dominate on the glass. Instead he is someone who is going to be used in pick and pop situations to stretch out defenses and provide space for Welsh and Parker to work on the low block.

Aside from being able to shoot the ball, Olesinski has a solid ability to attack off the dribble, especially when going against bigger and slower opponents, and is more than capable of finishing above the rim with athleticism.

Over the past year Olesinski has made big improvements to his game in terms of assertiveness and also just with raw production. Over the summer Olesinski would float around the perimeter too much and not be assertive, however as a senior he has showed signs of wanting to take the big shot and also make plays for his teammates at key times.

The biggest growth area for Olesinski will come in the weight room. He is a prospect who is going to need to get real familiar with the strength coach. At this point he has a lot of room to fill out his frame, and as he continues to get bigger and stronger, it is likely that he will get better defending the post as well as on the glass as a rebounder.

Olesinski is the type of program player that can definitely be a very solid contributor as an upperclassmen and gives depth to the frontcourt with size and versatility. On top of that he is an excellent student and is a leader on and off the court.

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