Holman talks offers, post-graduate year

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Following his first round Kentucky Sweet 16 win, Aric Holman discussed his game, what he's working on and which schools are recruiting him.

Last year at the Kentucky Sweet 16, Aric Holman and his Owensboro (Ky.) High didn’t do so hot, losing in the first round.

So this time around Holman, a 6-foot-9 power forward, was motivated in his first round match up with Collins. Holman filled the state sheet going for 15 points, nine rebounds, four blocks and three steals.

Holman, who plans to do a post-graduate season at Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Academy next year, showed good mobility, a lengthy set of arms, solid athleticism and an impressive set offensive tools.

“I think I bring a defensive presence and also an offensive presence being able to step out and shoot and post up on the inside,” Holman said about his versatility.

The next step in Holman’s develop is adding strength to his frame, which will allow him to withstand physical play. His strength is one of the things he hopes to improve while at Hargrave playing for coach A.W. Hamilton.

“I believe in that coach with the way he talks to you and I have buddies there too and they way that they’ve progressed, I see a difference in them and I think he’s the best coach for me,” he said.

On the recruiting front, Holman said he regularly keeps in contact with Xavier, Minnesota, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Memphis, Louisville and VCU. He said all of those schools have offered except Minnesota and St. Louis.

“I’m still wide open,” Holman told Scout. “I’m just taking my time right now.”

Holman also addressed the rumors that he favors Louisville.

“I wouldn’t say they’re the favorite,” he said. “My father is a real big fan, which is why people think I’m going to go there, but I’m still open.”

Holman plans to play with Hoop Dreams on the adidas spring and summer circuit.

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