2016 Intro: Jakub Mijakowski

The Mountain Mission School in Grundy, Va., features a highly unique situation. A conglomeration of international prospects competes for the opportunity to earn scholarships, and the program’s tentacles have spread to greater visibility within the state and Mid-Atlantic region.

Jakub Mijakowski is just one typical example. A native of Poland, the 6-6 wing arrived here after obtaining a visa to attend school. Becoming eligible to even study in the United States always is the first task for those arriving from abroad.

Most of our Intro pieces focus on underclassmen, so in that sense a spring semester junior getting intro’d is uncommon. But Mijakowski’s play this season and at last weekend’s VA Top 80 merited his inclusion here at Scout, and I expect we’ll hear from him over the next six months.

His calling card is and likely will remain his jump shot. Mijakowski is an excellent three-point shooter with a fairly quick release that he powers with his wrist, so he doesn’t have much “noise” in his shot and wields a clean release. He’s more of a spot-up shooter than someone who excels at creating and pulling up off the bounce, so choosing a college system that emphasize clear looks on drive-and-kick or post-kickouts will be helpful.

”This is my second year in America and I’ve been shooting the ball well,” Mijakowski said. “I need to improve my dribbling.”

Acclimation has been made easier by the fact that Mountain Mission features players in a situation identical to his.

”No one on our team has (American) citizenship,” Mijakowski said.

Nevertheless, he intends to remain here for college and, a high academic achiever, already holds some interest.

”I’ve heard from Columbia, Princeton and Valparaiso,” Mijakowski said.

It’s too early to forecast which level would be best for him, but suffice it to say coaches are hungry for shooters and, with strong grades, he likely will get a shot within the Ivy League or elsewhere.

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