Rabb close to decision

CHICAGO - Ivan Rabb's recruitment is quickly coming to a close. Who remains for the five-star prospect?

Ivan Rabb has been considered an elite prospect from the day he showed up on the national scene as a freshman until now and what has been a long recruiting process is quickly winding down.

The 6-foot-10, 220-pound 2015 power forward from Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O’Dowd told Scout on Sunday from Chicago, where the five-star prospect has begun McDonald’s All-American Game week, that he’s narrowed his school list down to two: California and Arizona.

Rabb arrived in Chicago a day after leading his team to a California state title with 19 points and 20 rebounds in a victory over Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei.

“It was really exciting for it to end how it did, but it wasn’t all about me, it was also about my teammates,” Rabb said.

Scout’s former top prospect in the 2015 class, Rabb now sits at fifth nationally. He dealt with injuries all spring and summer but over the course of his senior year, reproved himself as one of the nation’s elite prospects.

“It feels good being back healthy,” Rabb said. “I feel like when I’m healthy and having fun I’m one of the best players around. I want to continue that and keep enjoying the game. After the summer I took two months off to just lift and get stronger and get my body right.”

Rabb was expected to announce his college decision between California and Arizona but ultimately decided to delay his commitment.

“I was going to announce but I was thinking about it before the game and I was just focused on the game,” he said.

“I kind of knew where I wanted to go but I didn’t want to take the spotlight away from my team because it wasn’t about me, it was about the team. They’re my brothers and I didn’t want to take anything away from them.”

Once Rabb’s mother, Tami, arrives into Chicago, the two will further discuss Ivan’s upcoming decision.

“I’m still thinking about it right now,” he said. “I’m waiting for my mom to get here; she’ll be here Monday night or Tuesday morning and we’ll talk about it then. I don’t want to announce on TV; that’s not me as a person, but I could announce here.

“I’m still weighing two options. I’m leaning heavily towards those two schools. I’m stuck in-between those two right now so we need to talk about it and discuss my goals for college.”

Even though Rabb isn’t naming a leader between California and Arizona, multiple sources close to the recruitment feel that the Bears lead for him.

Rabb said there are a number of reasons why he likes Cal’s program.

“I just think I have the best relationship with that coaching staff,” he said. “I saw the team last year and I saw the team this year and I know how much better they got.

“I’m excited to see the fans there supporting them. I’m seeing improvement in every area. The players are getting better and the fans are coming to support more. I think they just need big guys who they can go inside to and change the game for them.”

The Cal coaching staff has sold Rabb on the possibility of fellow five-stars Caleb Swanigan and Jaylen Brown joining him in Berkeley and it’s something he’s taking into consideration.

“Me and Caleb visited at the same time,” Rabb said. “He really likes the coaching staff and the idea of coming to the Bay Area. Jaylen told me he had a great time. We’re going to continue to talk about it.

“I was considering them before I even knew they were thinking about going there. I just like the direction of the program. I think I’m a game changer no matter what I program I go to and I think that if I go to a program like that, I feel like for a fact someone would come with me.

“So many guys have told me they want to play with me because it’s not about me; I’m not a self-centered player. I think I’ll be able to attract players either way… If I go to Cal, I know for a fact that I’ll be a big recruiting tool.”

Over the next couple of months, Cal point guard Tyrone Wallace will make a decision on whether or not to enter the NBA Draft, but Rabb doesn’t plan on waiting for the junior to make a decision before making his own.

“It’s a factor but I don’t think he’s going to make a decision for a while,” he said. “I’ll be committed somewhere before. If I do go there, I think he would think more about staying because I would give him an extra option, with him being a point guard since I can make the game easier for him.”

Rabb’s other finalist, Arizona, has also made a strong case why he should attend college in Tucson.

“Arizona was the first school to ever offer me and they’ve been recruiting me hard for four years,” he said. “They’ve always been around.

“When they did a home visit, they showed me all the dates they’ve come to see me; they had it mapped out. They’ve put a lot of effort into recruiting me. I know they want really bad and they’ve been recruiting me for a long time.”

One way or the other, Rabb is ready to get his recruitment over with.

“I’m pretty sure I want to do this really, really soon,” he said. “I know that once I get this weight off my shoulders I’ll be able to play at a whole ‘nother level.”

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