McDonald's: Richardson on Experience

Syracuse bound McDonald's All-American Malachi Richardson talks about the experience and more from Chicago.

New Jersey native Malachi Richardson is a McDonald's All-American -- and now that he's been in Chicago for several days, he's pinpointed the most rewarding part of the experience so far.

"Definitely going to visit the Ronald McDonald house and seeing the kids," Richardson said. "And just being able to have fun with those kids."

He added, "The game will be fun just being on TV and playing against all these guys," Richardson said.

Richardson is headed to Syracuse to play his college ball, and is excited to join the Orange.

"Definitely Coach Boeheim, he is a great coach, one of the greatest coaches of all time. And learning from him will be a great thing for me," Richardson said.

Richardson is quick to praise Boeheim, and is looking forward to what he can learn from him and his staff.

"I think he is more laid back, he is a great guy to me. The bad things people say about him, I don't see. I think he's a good guy," Richardson said.

He continued, "His experience brings the fact that he knows the game of basketball and he can teach me things I don't know, and maybe I think I can help him a little bit. Like I said, he's one of the greatest coaches and there is no better than that."

Since Richardson is from the Northeast, he's looking forward to playing his college ball in the same area.

"There were a bunch of congratulations and a lot of people were asking why I choose Syracuse. I had been telling a lot of people that I wasn't going to Syracuse just so it would be a surprise for everyone," Richardson said.

And although the next couple of months will be busy for the 6-6 athlete, that's all that stands between him and playing in the ACC.

"Just graduating school, I am looking forward to playing in the Jordan Brand Classic as well. And other than that just getting ready and going to Syracuse.

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