McDonald’s: Lawson brings versatility

CHICAGO — For Memphis, there’s nothing quite like some home cooking. The Tigers didn’t compile a vintage record this season and need a talent upgrade, and that’s why Dedric Lawson projects as such a pivotal factor for the program.

He isn’t the most athletic player here and didn’t showcase himself in the practices, but Dedric Lawson without question is one of the most versatile players in Chicago this week for McDonald’s action.

Formerly a 2016 prospect who reclassed into 2015 to join his older brother (and fellow Tiger recruit), K.J. Lawson, Dedric will suit up next year with great fanfare. And rightfully so. He’s a very polished face-up shooter with a solid frame and the ability to handle and pass very well for a 6-8 player.

Because his development is so accelerated, he says that Josh Pastner already has a clear role for him in mind.

”Coach Pastner told me that he wants to play me as a stretch power forward,” Lawson said. “I’m just trying to work on being consistent, because it’s all about consistency at the next level.”

As usual, at least prior to college, he’ll learn most of his lessons at home. For years, he and K.J. have been each other’s primary inspiration and competition.

”In high school, it was just me and my brother basically,” Lawson said. “We had to challenge each other, but here it has been fun to have all the best high school players competing.”

At one time everyone had assumed that Lawson would be a McDonald’s All-American next season, but he’s happy to have made the change.

”Since the reclass I’ve been able to really focus on the next level,” he said. “I’m just trying to be consistent and be the best player I can be.”

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