Final Evaluation: Kipper Nichols

A look at how Kipper Nichols has developed and what he will bring to a college team.

One of the better unsigned wings in the country is Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward prospect Kipper Nichols. The class of 2015 prospect closed his career well and showed why college coaches are taking a long look at what he can bring to the table.

At 6-foot-6 with good athletic ability and no significant hole in his game, Nichols proved that he can take games over down the stretch of his career. With Ohio State pledge Derek Funderburk next to him in the frontcourt, Nichols was relied upon a ton for St. Edward to get others involved and also be the go to scorer on one of the best teams in the state.

The best thing that Nichols does is really attack the rim. He has good strength and is able to finish through contact near the rim, and then also a pretty nice pull up jumper from the mid-range to go with it. Add in decent floor vision for a guy who will play on the wing, and Nichols showed that he is someone who can really get buckets and score.

At this point Nichols is not someone who scares a defense shooting from the perimeter, and at times he doesn’t even look super comfortable attempting shots from deep. That of course will have to be improved upon because in college scouting reports will have teams play off of him and dare him to shoot.

Now Nichols actually is a capable shooter, but he had to gain more confidence and comfort in his shot as he is going forward with his game.

On the defensive end Nichols is a solid rebounder for his size. He will attack the glass, and use his solid, not great, athleticism to track down boards. Also he has versatility. He is around 200 pounds, and has the ability to guard multiple positions, though at this point he wouldn’t be referred to as a lockdown defender in any way.

The next step for Nichols seems to be to improve playing while not dominating the ball. He is the type of kid who has a tendency to stand around if he doesn’t have the ball in his hands. If he can find a way to improve on that, then offensively his game becomes much more refined and he makes himself very difficult to guard.

Nichols is not a kid who is going to blow you away with highlight plays, but he is solid all-around player who does a little bit of everything to help his team win. He is about to make some more visits, and that should dictate what direction his recruitment goes.

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