Roundtable: Live period Forecast

The new recruiting cycle has arrived. Beginning today, the Class of 2016 has become the class of record, and in our nomenclature juniors become rising seniors. Of course, the 2015 class hasn’t wrapped up entirely in terms of recruitments, but from a focus point of view, college coaches have turned their attention to the new class.

Accordingly, for this week’s Roundtable, we asked our national team this question: Now that the first live weekend has arrived, what's the one thing you're most excited to see?

Brian Snow: For me, I am most interested to get down to New Orleans and see some new faces. I have seen the top kids on the Under Armour circuit like DeAndre Ayton and Josh Jackson (pictured above) during the year, and I know what to expect from them, but some of the other guys such as Barret Benson — who has people gushing about his play — and also Jalek Felton really intrigue me for this weekend.

Players always emerge on the first weekend, so seeing those guys and catching up on others I didn't see during the year have me most excited.

Evan Daniels: This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. We essentially have ushered off the 2015 class for good and are finalizing rankings for that class and are finally on to the 2016 group. There are high expectations for that class, so I'm curious to see if the group of players can live up to them.

But also, the first live period is usually a great weekend for new names to emerge. I'll be in Dallas and suspect there will be a host of prospects to emerge. I also am excited to see the Atlanta Celtics group of loaded players that include Kobi Simmons, E.J. Montgomery and a host of other high-level talents.

Josh Gershon: I'm going to answer this question with one player I expect to blow up this weekend: Ike Anigbogu of the Compton Magic.

Anibogu could make a huge rankings jump following the spring
The 6-foot-9, 225-pound Corona (Calif.) Centennial center will be in Dallas and has the opportunity to take a junior season, in which he made a ridiculous jump from November to March, and parlay it into potentially elite offers.

Anigbogu has terrific size, length and athleticism, big hands, a strong lower half, a quickly developing offensive skill set, blocks shots and rebounds. I'm excited to see if he can take a terrific junior year and build off it this weekend.

Rob Harrington: It’s something of a matter of trust. Over the past 15 years I’ve learned to trust Nike to deliver a quality product in terms of players and teams, and I expect this weekend’s EYBL event in Hampton, Va., to be no different.

In truth, I don’t believe Nike holds a commanding edge with rising seniors in this class, but the lure of the much-publicized EYBL inevitably will attract some very talented new faces. Additionally, this particular event features a strong 16-under division, and I always glean a great deal from those games as well.

Among the 17-unders, I’m eager to watch Jayson Tatum in person for the first time since last summer as well as our current No. 1 and someone I watch frequently, Harry Giles.

This is the first event that leads toward July’s Peach Jam, and I expect a very robust coaching and media turnout.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this article

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