Storm Classic/Indy Ball Recap

This weekend Indianapolis and Grand Rapids were hosts to local events featuring some of the top talent in Indiana and Michigan respectively.

Class of 2016

Miles Bridges, SF, The Family – Bridges absolutely assaulted the rims in Grand Rapids with some impressive dunks in transition and when he had straight line drives to the rim. At 6-foot-6 with big time strength and elite athleticism, Bridges can do a little bit of everything. He is also now shooting the ball much better, though at times he settles and tries to shoot too much from deep instead of dominating with his athleticism. Overall it was an excellent weekend for Bridges who came home with MVP honors, and he showed why he is one of the best prospects in the Midwest.

Cassius Winston, PG, The Family – Coming off of a tremendous weekend in Hampton at the EYBL, Winston continued his strong play in Grand Rapids. He was more of a scorer than a distributor this weekend, but he did show off his good court vision at times. Still Winston was a beast going to the rim, converted very well in traffic, and then also knocked in the deep three. There aren’t many better point guard prospects than Winston.

Brailen Neely, PG, The Family – Playing with some talented teammates, Neely can get overlooked at times, but he is very solid in his own right. Neely is a very good shooter and also extremely quick. A solid floor general and passer, Neely runs the show well. He is limited some by his size, but overall Neely is a solid player who had a good showing.

Kyle Guy, SG, Indiana Elite – At times it was a bit of a struggle during the high school season for Guy, but he has bounced back strong this spring, and this weekend that was on full display. Guy was making shots as always, but he also looked improved going to the rim and also showed good floor vision. Guy took over at times when it was needed, and really was excellent all day long.

Matthew Moyer, PF/SF, Indiana Elite – The Syracuse pledge at times was content to fit in, but when he turned it up he showed his significant potential. Moyer has very long arms and elite athleticism, and he used that to rebound, block shots, and finish impressively around the rim. His perimeter game didn’t really show up, but he did look a little better handling the basketball.

Class of 2017

Xavier Tillman, PF, Michigan Mustangs – One of the best sophomores in the state of Michigan, Tillman is an absolute beast on the low block. Despite not being the tallest guy at around 6-foot-7, Tillman has great strength and really understands how to use his body. Also he is good with the dribble in the mid-range and is able to create for himself using the bounce.

James Beck, PF/SF, Michigan Mustangs – Beck is still a work in progress, but he showed some potential with his play over the weekend. He is a good athlete, has long arms, and looks to still be growing. His perimeter game is getting a little bit better, and in theory he could find a way to guard some wings and just showed that if he puts it together he is someone who high-majors could taking a liking to.

Qua Southward, PG/SG, The Family – Southward is one heck of a shooter. Now he does need to work more on his point guard game and running the team, but he can absolutely scorch the nets from deep, and he showed that in a big way. Also Southward has the ability to get into the lane and make some plays with the dribble. As he gets more comfortable running the show his stock will continue to soar.

Jaron Faulds, PF/C, The Family – An interior prospect with some ability to score, Faulds showed a nice jump hook and also a decent touch when facing the rim out to 10 feet. Also Faulds is a solid rebounder. He isn’t a great athlete, and has to work on his feet and continue to get stronger, but with good hands and an ability to score, Faulds is intriguing as a younger post prospects.

Ra Kpedi, PF/C, Indiana Elite – This is a player who definitely keeps on improving. At around 6-foot-8 or maybe slightly taller, Kpedi continues to make strides. He is very long, a solid athlete, and is showing a better ability to finish down low. Now he isn’t someone who has a lot of post moves, but he will offensive rebound and finish on the run in transition. Kpeda is still very raw, but he is making good strides.

Class of 2018

Foster Loyer, PG, Michigan Mustangs – Loyer isn’t someone who will intimidate anyone during layup lines, but when the game starts he can be tough to deal with. The son of a former NBA and college coach, Loyer is a big time shooter with a tremendous feel for the game. The question will be how much he grows and how well he will be able to defend, but on offense Loyer can be a weapon and shows some major intelligence.

Brandon Johns, PF, Michigan Triple Threat – Right now Johns flashes a lot of intrigue though he isn’t a refined prospect by any stretch. At near 6-foot-8 with pretty good athleticism and decent ball skills there is a lot to like with Johns. He did struggle to finish on the inside, but he can make the three point shot, and overall has a ton of talent and upside.

Kevin Easley, SF, Indiana Elite – Already with scholarship offers from Indiana and Purdue, Easley has been one of the more talked about prospects in the class of 2018 in the state of Indiana. He most definitely looks the part and has a solid skill level, though right now he is a bit inconsistent. Easley has to continue to expand his game to the perimeter while also being tougher on the glass, but there are definite tools to work with.

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