adidas Gaunlet: Top Performers

INDIANAPOLIS - The second stop of the adidas Gauntlet series was impressive as always. Kobi Simmons, Frank Jackson, and Dennis Smith headed up a very strong weekend.

Class of 2016

Frank Jackson, PG, Utah Prospects – The adidas circuit is absolutely loaded with elite point guards and Jackson definitely deserves to be talked about in that mix. He is a tremendous athlete, has a great first step, and then also can score in a variety of ways. Jackson looked the part of a potential McDonald’s All-American guard with his play, and is showing up as one of the must get type recruits for high-major programs.

Kobi Simmons, PG, Atlanta Celtics – Simmons ended the tournament with a sprained ankle, but before that happened he was totally dominant. At times he can play more like a scorer, but that is because he is so gifted getting to the rim and with his ability to make shots. Still he showed good floor vision and an excellent ability to pass the basketball. With his size and athleticism the sky is the limit, and Simmons absolutely looked like one of the premier talents in the entire country.

Dennis Smith, PG, Team Loaded – The athleticism, toughness, and ability to make the game look easy is incredible with Smith. He is a tremendous talent with elite athleticism and the ability to take over games whenever it is needed. Smith did have a few turnovers, but he makes so many plays with the dribble that you can live with it. As his game continues to get more refined look for Smith to be even more dominant, and already this weekend he was one of the best players on the floor at all times.

Mustapha Heron, SF/SG, NY Rens – Heron recently de-committed and he was seen by a ton of coaches all weekend long, and didn’t disappoint. Always known as someone who could get to the rim, Heron was hitting shots at a decent clip, showing athleticism, rebounding very well for a wing, and also playing hard. There is a lot to like with Heron, and at times showed every bit of it. There is no question that his list will be long before a new commitment is made.

Jarrett Allen, C, Texas PRO – The strides that Allen are making are impressive. He is now more athletic than ever, and Allen basically dominated every single big he went against for the entire weekend. He has great hands, a good touch, plays hard, rebounds, and goes about his business the right way. At the rate he is improving, the sky is the limit for Allen. It was an impressive weekend, and the scary thing is Allen’s best basketball is ahead of him.

Kyle Guy, SG, Indiana Elite – By his own admission, Guy would tell you his high school season wasn’t what he hoped, but now again on the circuit he is showing what made him such a highly thought of recruit during the summer. Guy is a tremendous shooter, but he is more than that. He is improving with his handle, is a solid athlete, and when given space can be a good passer. It was an excellent weekend for the Virginia pledge who hit big shots and led his team.

Anthony Cowan, PG, DC Thunder – The Maryland point guard pledge is as tough as they come. He hit big shot after big shot for his team as the weekend went along, and did everything he could to keep things going in a good way. Cowan is an excellent passer and makes open shots. Also he is improving with his ability to create off the bounce. He will need to continue to get stronger, but there is a lot to like with his intangibles that make up for his lack of size.

Javin DeLaurier, PF, Team Loaded Va – There might not be anyone seeing his stock soaring more than DeLauier. He is nearly 6-foot-9 with a high motor, good hands, the ability to hit shots facing the rim, and big time athleticism. Add in that he has elite grades, and it is easy to see why the offers are coming pouring in. DeLaurier proved himself during the first open weekend, and only built on that with his play in Indianapolis.

Jacob Young, SG/PG, Howard Elite – He is the younger brother of former Oregon shooting guard Joseph Young, and Jacob Young can play in his own right. Now he is a volume shooter/score, but there is no questioning his talent. Young can score off the catch and off the dribble. He shoots the heck out of the ball when in rhythm, and then has good athleticism. His shot selection at times is questionable, and he doesn’t have ideal size, but he is an elite competitor who can flat out score.

T.J. Leaf, PF, Compton Magic – Leaf is continuing to get more athletic as he gets older and stronger, and that is a very good sign considered he has possessed elite skill level for a long time. One thing that separates Leaf from most faceup forwards is he has the ability to score on the low block and isn’t afraid of contact. With his athleticism continuing to improve and confidence picking up, Leaf is becoming one of the most difficult matchups in the country.

Aaric Holman, PF, Hoop Dreams – There is still a long way to go for Holman before he reaches his potential, but there is so much natural ability here. Holman blocked a few shots, rebounded okay, hit jumpers from deep, and showed high level athleticism. Now it is all in spurts, and he can disappear at times, but the upside here is huge.

De’Ron Davis, C, Colorado Hawks – It was a solid weekend for Davis. A skilled big man, he isn’t super athletic, but he is productive. Davis won’t block too many shots, but he rebounds his area well, has good hands, and can score in a variety of ways. He was fairly consistent with his effort and production, and though he might not have elite upside, he should be a very good college player.

Class of 2017

Trace Young, SF/PF, Hoop Dreams – There is a ton of upside in this prospect. Young is around 6-foot-7, a good athlete, handles the ball well, and is a very good passer. He isn’t much of a shooter at this point in time in his career, but he can make plays for himself and others. As he gets stronger and learns to make better decisions with the basketball the future will be very bright for him.

Jalen Hill, PF/C, Compton Magic – Hill got the call up to the 17 and under team, and might have been the most impressive prospect on the floor. He is a high level athlete, runs the floor well, rebounds, blocks shots, and shows some ability to score. Right now he has all the tools to be a star, and is still very young for his grade. This is definitely one to watch going forward.

Brian Bowen, SF, Michigan Mustangs – Bowen is someone who can do a bit of everything. He shot the ball fairly well from outside, but was at his best attacking off the dribble and using his skill level to make plays. He is a very good passer and is a solid athlete. Also he showed off an ability to make good passes, and has just such a solid all around floor game. All weekend he was a stud for the Mustangs, proving his status as an elite prospect.

Tremont Waters, PG, NE Playaz – Known mostly for his ability to put up huge scoring numbers, Waters proved his all-around game in Indianapolis. Waters not only made shots and scored it efficiently, but he was excellent passing the basketball. He pushed the ball up the floor with the pass, found guys off of pick and rolls, and then also made plays off of ball screens. He needs to focus on being more solid with the basketball at times, but it was a very good weekend for Waters.

Jaylen Hands, PG, Compton Magic – Hands was battling a little bit of an injury and didn’t shoot the basketball like he is capable of, but he still was impressive as a prospect. Hands can get into the lane and make the solid play, and also has good size for his position. Once he gets healthy and back to normal physically, he will be someone who could have a very impressive month of July.

Jethro Tshishumpa, C, Urban DFW – This is an absolute monster of a physical specimen. Tshishumpa can really block shots, rebound the basketball, and then finishes off of dump off passes around the rim. He needs a lot of seasoning on the offensive end, but his physique is off the charts and is someone who can absolutely control the paint defensively.

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