Spiece Run N Slam Top Performers

Jarron Cumberland was one of the top performers at the always loaded Spiece Run N Slam.

Class of 2016

Jarron Cumberland, SF, King James Shooting Stars – It was a tremendous weekend for Cumberland who scored it at an extremely high level. Cumberland doesn’t overwhelm with athleticism, but he is a tremendous shooter, can get to the rim with power, and is as tough as they come. The beneficiary of some open looks, Cumberland knocked almost all of them down this weekend and was huge on Sunday in helping lead his team to the title.

Xavier Simpson, PG, King James Shooting Stars – There aren’t many smarter or tougher point guards in the class than Simpson. He didn’t score a ton this weekend, but he did everything a coach or observer could want as his team won the title. Not only was Simpson tremendous on offense where he dished out a ton of assists and made plays when needed scoring, but he was also excellent on the defensive end. Despite not being the biggest player in the world, Simpson is someone who just helps his team win by doing everything well.

Isaiah Roby, SF/PF, Quad Cities Elite – Roby keeps on growing, and is nearly 6-foot-8 now and also improving. He still needs to get better as a shooter, but Roby went to work all weekend long. He scored down low, made plays off the bounce, and just was solid in producing double-double type efforts game in and game out. Headed to Nebraska, Roby is someone with major upside.

Charlie Moore, PG, Mac Irvin Fire – There is no other way to describe Moore than tough. He is small, but he is as tough as they come. At times this weekend Moore simply put the Fire on his back and willed them to wins. Moore needs to continue to work on his decision making and defense, but when it gets to crunch time he is going to make a play, and his quickness is outstanding with the basketball.

Nick Ward, C, All-Ohio Red – The recent Michigan State pledge continued his dominant play this weekend. Ward is an absolute beast on the low block at 6-foot-8, and also is an incredible rebounder. Ward was a walking double-double, and did so with a mix of savvy and desire. He is continuing to get more athletic and in better physical position, and could be one of the most college ready producers in the entire class.

C.J. Walker, PG, Spiece Indy Heat – On this team Walker has to do a ton, and he handles the role quite well. There aren’t many kids in the country who play with more heart than Walker, and he showed it all weekend long. He made shots from deep, finished through contact around the rim, and also gave good effort on the defensive end. Walker is now one of the most sought after point guards in the Midwest, and it was easy to see why.

Barret Benson, C, Illinois Wolves – Benson didn’t start the event off with a bang, but his Sunday was very good. Benson showed good hands, rebounded fairly well, and finished nicely around the rim. He has to continue to be more assertive and dominant with his size and skill, but he has all the tools. Now Benson just needs to figure out how put those tools together on a consistent basis.

Class of 2017

Kobe King, SG, Wisconsin Playground – There might not have been a more consistently impressive player all weekend than King. At nearly 6-foot-3, King is an elite shooter, but he is more than just that. He is a well above-average athlete, and someone who has a good handle as well. Everything King does is efficient, and he was incredibly impressive all weekend long.

DaMonte Williams, PG, Mac Irvin Fire – This is the son of former Illinois star Frank Williams, and DaMonte is a stud at the position in his own right. He has very good size, is an excellent athlete, and has a tremendous pull up jumper. Also he is nearly impossible to stop one-on-one getting to the rim, and has the ability to lock up on the defensive end. Overall this was one of the best 2017 prospects all weekend long.

Justin Smith, SF/PF, Mac Irvin Fire – Smith is someone who just keeps on getting better. He was excellent during the high school season playing next to Jalen Brunson, and now he is playing up and making a difference for the Fire. Smith is a tremendous athlete, and someone who does a lot of damage in the mid-range. He can guard virtually any position, and just continues to make strides with his skill on the wing.

Christian Negron, PF, Mac Irvin Fire – This is another in the long line of talented 2017 prospects from the Land of Lincoln. Negron is a bit undersized at about 6-foot-7, but he plays with a big time motor and has very long arms. He rebounds the ball very well, can score off of offensive rebounds, and just knows what his game is. He might have a limited upside, but there is no doubt that Negron will be someone who finds a way to produce.

Brian Bowen, SF, Michigan Mustangs – There aren’t many more skilled kids in the country than Bowen. What is interesting is right now he is clearly most comfortable playing on the ball as a point forward than as a secondary ball handler. He has to give better effort on defense, and impact the game more as a rebounder, but he can really score and also is a very good passer.

James Beck, PF/SF, Michigan Mustangs – Beck is someone who might be a little bit more potential than producer right now, but he makes a few plays every game that make you excited for his future. Beck can play on the wing or on the block right now, and his future will be determined by his physical growth and his ability to handle the basketball. Still he was good over the weekend, and is someone who might see his stock explode during the summer.

Charles Payton, SF, Illinois Wolves – Payton has seen his stock really go up this spring, and he had another very strong weekend. At nearly 6-foot-5 with extremely long arms and supreme athleticism, Payton is just beginning to scratch the surface of how good he can become. He needs to refine his skill level, but Payton plays hard, competes on both ends, and gets better seemingly every weekend he is on the court.

Markell Johnson, PG/SG King James Shooting Stars – Johnson is someone who has big time athleticism from the guard spot. He isn’t really a point guard, and doesn’t shoot it as well as you would want from a two, but he gets to the rim at will, and plays very hard. Johnson is someone who if he refines his decision making will make himself extremely difficult to defend.

Hameir Wright, PF, Albany City Rocks – This is a very good looking long term prospect, who should only improve. At around 6-foot-7 right now he is comfortable playing inside and out, and could potentially improve enough to make his home on the wing. Most likely he is a stretch power forward who hits threes and takes bigger players off the dribble. Wright is a good athlete, and someone who as he gets strong should only get more valuable.

Kyle Young, PF, DB Hoops – Young is someone who has seen his stock go up this spring. He is someone who is definitely better at power forward, but has some wing skills at around 6-foot-7. Young is a good athlete and has skill out to about 18 feet. He is a very good rebounder, and gives maximum effort. If he grows he is an absolute lock high-major player, and even if he doesn’t there is a good chance colleges are going to take a strong liking to his game.

Kaleb Wesson, C, All-Ohio Red – There aren’t many humans who are bigger than Wesson, especially at his age. The rising junior center has tremendous hands, and stands around 6-foot-9 and 280 pounds. With his long arms and great touch, he is someone who is a problem around the rim. Also Wesson rebounds the ball very well, and has advanced footwork. He needs to continue to get in better shape, but the ability here is huge.

Joey St. Pierre, C, Illinois Wolves – This is another absolutely massive individual on the low block. St. Pierre is continuing to get himself in better shape, and improving on the court. He showed good skills passing the basketball to go along with a decent touch and solid hands on the low block. He has to continue to get better changing ends, but St. Pierre has the size you simply can’t teach, and plays hard.

Class of 2018

E.J. Williams, C, Queen City Prophets – You won’t see many ninth graders bigger than Williams who stands about 6-foot-9 and weighs around 290 pounds. Now at 15 years old his body is still a work in progress, but Williams has a lot going for him. He has good touch around the rim, especially when turning over his right shoulder, has excellent hands, and pretty advanced footwork. Now Williams doesn’t have much lift, and struggles to move laterally, but as he gets older and more comfortable on the court that should improve. He is still raw, but there is a ton of potential here.

Joe Wieskamp, SG/SF, Iowa Barnstormers – Both major in-state programs have already offered him and it is easy to see why. At around 6-foot-5 he is a solid athlete, and that should only improve as his strength improves. What he does best is score. Wieskamp is a big time outside shooter, but he also can get to the rim some and has a nice mid-range game. He wasn’t too known outside of the state before this weekend, but that should change.

Romeo Langford, SF/SG, EG 10 – This is one of the best young prospects in the state of Indiana, and this weekend showed why. Langford was hitting shots from all over, got to the rim, showed solid athleticism, and is a good passer. He can float on the court at times and doesn’t always dominate, but the pieces are there.

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