Lee a top priority

Looking fully healthy, Ira Lee was an impressive performer at the Nike Elite 100.

It was a rough year for Ira Lee who had to miss his entire season due to injury, however now he is back on the court and showing his ability. The power forward had a solid showing at the Nike Elite 100, and he continues to be a top target on the recruiting trail.

“I think I have been playing pretty well,” said Lee. “I didn’t play during the high school season so this is about my fifth week back, so to me things have been going to pretty good.”

He continued, “I am working on my mid-range game and also working on my jump shot and improving my decision making to go with my ability to rebound and my athleticism.”

Recruiting wise Lee is hearing from numerous schools.

“I am hearing from Arizona, California, Connecticut, UCLA, Tulsa, and Auburn have all been on me good,” explained Lee.

Arizona has had a lot of success recruiting in the state of California since the arrival of Sean Miller, and Lee likes a lot about the school.

“Arizona plays defense and they run,” said Lee. “It is as simple as that, and I like that a lot. It is what Coach Miller has said to me and I think it fits my game.”

California made a major statement with their star studded 2015 class, and for Lee it shows that they are ready to compete at the top of the Pac 12.

“They are trying to build up and win a championship,” said Lee of the Golden Bears. “That is something I want to be a part of, so they are definitely a school I am looking at.”

At this point Lee is just taking it all in the recruiting trail and gaining as much information as he can about each school. Still he knows what is going to be important to him when the time comes to make a decision.

“I look for academics, coaching, and how I would fit in with the players,” said Lee. “Also the system is important. I want to be at a school that is willing to run.”

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