NBPA Top 100: Taurean Thompson

Despite missing the majority of NBPA Top 100 Camp Taurean Thompson has picked up a lot of recent interest and is learning a lot.

The stock is definitely on the rise for class of 2016 center Taurean Thompson. He was somewhat of an unknown outside of his region before the spring. Now he is a top priority for many schools, and is continuing to add interest.

While Thompson got an invite to the NBPA Top 100 Camp, he has been significantly limited due to injury. Even with that Thompson says he is learning a lot.

“There is a positive side to me being injured,” said Thompson. “I have been more focused in the classroom sessions and I have learned a lot of information and heard personal stories. I am trying to retain all of the wisdom and learn everything I can about basketball and life off of the court.”

Recruiting wise things have really picked up for Thompson who has a long list of schools.

“I’ve been talking to Xavier, Old Dominion, Rutgers, Temple, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Arizona State,” said Thompson. “There are a few more, but those are ones I am talking to a lot.”

One of the more interesting schools on Thompson’s list is Arizona State. Thompson is coached in high school by Bob Hurley, and now is being recruited by his son who coaches the Sun Devils.

“I’ve talked to Coach Bobby Hurley,” said Thompson. “We talked for a while. I am considering them. Distance isn’t a big deal to me. I want to go somewhere that I can learn as a freshman. I missed two years of high school basketball so a place that will develop me.”

He continued about ASU, “Playing for a great coach like Coach Hurley makes me know that Coach Bobby Hurley is also a great coach so I would learn if I went there.”

One of the schools that has put the most effort into recruiting Thompson is Xavier, and he knows that is a school he would like to visit.

“I talk to them like every single day and so does my mother,” said Thompson of Xavier. “They are very interested in me and I am interested in them. That is one place I am probably going to take a visit to, probably in August once things settle down with AAU.”

In terms of setting up his visits and officially narrowing his list, Thompson says that might take place in the next month.

“Probably I will wait until the Peach Jam is over to come up with a list, and then I will use the month of August to travel and make visits so I can weigh my options,” said Thompson.

For some the recruiting process can be tough, but Thompson knows it is important to take his time and see the schools before he makes a decision.

“I just want to go to the school that I have the best feel for,” said Thompson. “Coaches will all say the same thing to get you there, but I have to see things for myself when I get to a campus and see what school is for real and where I can thrive as a player and a student.”

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