Huge 24 hours means bright future for UC

It has been a big 24 hours for Mick Cronin and his staff, and three commitments have the future looking bright at Cincinnati.

Mick Cronin isn’t someone to jump up and down with excitement very often, and he probably isn’t doing that now, but the Cincinnati coach has to be smiling from ear to ear after his strong 24 hour run on the recruiting trail. The Bearcats pulled in two top high school priorities and one of the best transfers on the market.

With Nysier Brooks solidifying the long term future of the post position on Tuesday, Kyle Washington making the decision to transfer into the program on Wednesday morning, and Jarron Cumberland making the lunch time decision to commit to Cincinnati on Wednesday as well, the Bearcats haven’t had a 24 hours like this on the recruiting trail in quite some time.

Aside from the fact that all three players are quality additions in terms of talent, it is perfect with the fit at UC. As much as any coach in the country, Cronin is concerned with the fit of players coming into his program.

Cumberland provides the best of both worlds for Cincinnati, and is someone they haven’t had a lot of people like in the past. Where he fits in perfectly is with his toughness. In a very good way, Cumberland is a bully on the court. He recently checked in at 217 pounds, most of it muscle, and he is someone who can really be physical and bring a sense of nastiness to a team.

What Cumberland also brings is big time shot making. Cincinnati is a team that over the past few years has struggled mightily at times on the offensive end. Cumberland however has no such struggles. In 13 games with King James in the EYBL, Cumberland is averaging a robust 17.8 points per game including shooting 39 percent from three point range.

Those numbers give UC the wing scorer they need, and haven’t had consistently outside of Sean Kilpatrick in recent years. When you add in his mindset and his toughness, this is the exact type of kid Mick Cronin and his staff want.

To go along with Cumberland, there were also two nice fits in Washington and Brooks that are headed to the frontline, both of whom will be eligible in the 2016-17 season.

Brooks is someone who is probably a bit more of a down the road contributor for the Bearcats. Still he is someone who right away can provide a physical presence and rebound the basketball. Cincinnati loves their bigs who rebound and defend the post, that is what Brooks can bring right away with his attitude and size.

Because Brooks might need a year or two to develop landing an instant impact post was very important, and that is what Cincinnati got with Washington. Washington isn’t the typical nasty, tough, and physical player on the interior that the Bearcats have loaded up on in the past, but he does bring rebounding and shot blocking.

Last year Washington had a very impressive defensive rebounding rate for NC State, and actually by percentage was their top defensive rebounder. Also he was one of the better per minute shot blockers in the ACC, and those two skills are needed at Cincinnati with the way they play on the defensive end.

If Washington can develop the mindset under Cronin that so many before him have, he will clearly be a big time player in a Cincinnati uniform.

Overall it has been a tremendous 24 hours for Cincinnati. They added talented players who fit their style, and that is exactly what Mick Cronin has been focused on.

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