Battle provides key versatility for Syracuse

Tyus Battle is a big commitment for Syracuse, and brings a ton of versatility to the roster.

The Syracuse Orange locked in one of their key recruits on Monday when five-star Tyus Battle decided to pick the school. Battle, who has been a Syracuse target since he was a freshman, chose the Orange after a de-commitment from Michigan.

For Syracuse versatility is the key for them with imitated scholarships due to NCAA restrictions. That is why they were willing to go one over their limit of 10 in order to lock in the very talented Battle.

At around 6-foot-5 with long arms, good athleticism, and solid ball skills, Battle is someone who sees himself being able to play all over the perimeter. From point guard to small forward, Battle has the ability to be solid at every one of those positions, and given the limitations for the Orange that is very important.

Before Battle the only true guards on the roster for Syracuse were Kaleb Joseph and Franklin Howard. Also Malachi Richardson is a perimeter player who will make his home on the wing, but he isn’t likely to be someone who shares the ball handling duties, especially against pressure.

Outside of those three players, everyone else committed to Syracuse projects either as a combo forward, power forward, or center.

Now with Battle, Syracuse has a player that they expect can fill the roles of point guard and shooting guard either in a starting or backup capacity. Battle has been told by the Syracuse coaches he will get his first look at point guard, and that was a key selling point to him.

With his athleticism and length, Battle will be excellent at the top of the Syracuse 2-3 zone. When he is joined by someone like Howard or Joseph, the Orange will be able to really disrupt things at the top to go along with the length and athleticism that they always have on the back end of that zone.

Currently Syracuse is one over, but in this day and age of college basketball some attrition can always be expected. Likely that attrition would come from someone who projects as either a power forward or center.

No matter how Syracuse makes the numbers work, this pledge is enormous for the program and it gives them someone who brings elite talent into the equation to go along with being a perfect fit for their system.

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