Las Vegas: Isaiah Roby

LAS VEGAS — A primary objective at Nebraska is to raise the level of the program’s offense to its defense, and Tim Miles is working toward that end with players such as Isaiah Roby. The Illinois native is a tall combo forward who committed to the Huskers early and will bring top-100 credentials with him to Lincoln.

Basketball looks easy for Isaiah Roby, despite the fact that he works hard. The 6-7 combo forward has the body type of a hoopster and lives up to that promise. Slender and sinewy, Roby is a graceful athlete who jumps especially well with a running start.

He also possesses an impressive assortment of skills. Although his jump shot features some sidespin — ideally, he’ll tweak his mechanics to obtain backspin — Roby does possess good touch and has range to the three-point stripe. He also handles the ball fairly well and is comfortable driving in either direction.

His frame also is solid and he should be able to obtain the required strength for college without trouble. Defensively, his best position appears uncertain, because he moves well enough laterally to guard most wings but could evolve into a solid post defender as well. Even better, Nebraska may not have or want to make that choice, one reason Roby is such a valuable recruit.

His instincts are impressive as well. Roby plays with a high IQ and jumps passing lanes for steals, and he also anticipates rebounding angles as the ball bounces off the rim.

We presently rank Roby No. 85 in the Class of 2016, and he certainly justified that status with his play on Saturday afternoon.

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