Las Vegas: Marvin Bagley

LAS VEGAS — We at Scout don’t rank players at a premature age, and accordingly we have not published a list for rising sophomores. But here’s letting you in on a secret: When we do release our initial list, 6-10 forward Marvin Bagley will be the No. 1 overall player.

There’s no question that our industry tends to over-introduce young players. Freshmen and sophomores have it better than anyone, because they can become lauded for their talents while their shortcomings are dismissed as a product of their age. That’s the nature of the beast and its appetite produces carnage in every single recruiting class.

All that said, and I mean it, Marvin Bagley is the real deal. Not the real deal in a “Let’s go ahead and anoint him best player regardless of class” sort of way, but he’ll certainly factor into those conversations when our team produces our annual Best Overall Prospect list next year.

The 6-10 forward has the physique of a young prospect and naturally will need to become much stronger, but in other areas he plays far beyond his years. He’s extremely well-coordinated, fluid, quick, explosive and reasonably polished. A southpaw, he knocks down long jump shots, buries hooks on post-ups and handles well enough to attack off the dribble in either direction.

Bagley projects as a face-up fourman for college and beyond, given his immense skill level. He fits the modern, NBA-desired style for a tall forward and is years ahead of the curve in terms of development. With long arms and a willingness to become physical as needed, he’s a name you’ll continue to read about frequently on the pages of Scout.

Not a lot is known about his recruitment, other than the fact that every major program that believes it has a chance, will swing for the fences. Bagley is headed on a path toward immense success in the sport.

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