Five players who could see ranking movement

Here is a look at five players who could still see significant movement in their ranking in the 2017 class.

When updating and expanding the rankings for the class of 2017, some things became very clear. One of those things is that there wasn’t a tremendous consensus for much of anything. With a lot of prospects who could be on the rise, or might never capitalize on their physical gifts, expect a lot of movement to continue in the rankings.

One player who is especially interesting to evaluate is Ikechukwu Obiagu. Obiagu is easily the best shot blocker in the class, and is actually completely dominant on that end, and ranks even, if not slightly ahead, of Anthony Davis and Nerlens Noel as shot blockers when they were in high school.

That special ability vaults Obiagu to near top 10 status. Where this gets interesting is right now Obiagu is a liability on the offensive end. If Obiagu can simply learn to catch the ball, turn, and make a two footer, he is someone who could jump into the top five, if not higher. By that same token, if he continues to struggle mightily on the offense end, he becomes very one dimensional and could drop a few spots down. His progression will be very interesting to watch.

Another player that will be closely monitored is Kris Wilkes. The No. 12 ranked player is someone who has definitely flashed top 10 potential at times, and has the length and skill at 6-foot-7 to be a major matchup problem going forward.

Wilkes will be evaluated thoroughly, and if he continues to get stronger and improve his range out to 20 feet, the sky truly is the limit for him, and his lofty spot in the rankings could get even more pronounced. That said, he is also in danger of being slightly undersized for his position without elite athleticism, so he is another prospect to really monitor heading into his junior season.

When it comes to physical tools, DaMonte Williams has them all for a point guard. He is big, athletic, has long arms, and can handle the basketball. Now the question becomes does he have the alpha dog in him to dominate games. He has shown flashes of it to this point, but at times he also can be passive.

Given that he is currently seen as the No. 37 player in the class, a lot is expected of Williams, but if he doesn’t get the kind of assertiveness needed to be a star, he is someone who could drop. On the flipside if he does decide to dominate, he has all the tools to go into the five-star range.

At the No. 62 spot is Charles O'Bannon. When he walks through layup lines, O’Bannon has it all. He is nearly 6-foot-6 and 200 pounds. He has long arms, he is an excellent athlete, and he has the ability to handle well for a wing and also is a solid shooter. However he really struggles with body control and that leads to a lot of turnovers.

If as he continues to grow into his body and mature that body control improves, O’Bannon could capitalize on his physical tools and become someone who really rises in the rankings. Likewise if that doesn’t happen, it will limit his ability to make plays off the dribble and will take away from some of his given physical ability and make him a player who has to stay on the perimeter and only shoot jumpers.

Finally there is Nick Weatherspoon who checks in at No. 65. When it comes to athleticism, there might not be a more athletic guard in the entire country than Weatherspoon. His first step is incredibly quick and he can get virtually wherever he wants with the basketball when he is on the court.

The issue is his jumper is definitely a work in progress, and Weatherspoon also has to prove he is definitely a point guard with feel for the game. If neither of those show major progression, Weatherspoon becomes simply an athletic kid and falls down the rankings, but if he makes solid progression in either of those areas, than he can expect his ranking to soar.

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