Forte Sifting Through College List

Bay Springs, Miss., guard Jason Forte has an official visit set up and he's working hard at selecting the remainder of his trips. Forte is drawing interest as both a point guard and two guard.

Big East Schools Bat First

Jason Forte, a combo guard from Mississippi, will visit Boston College the weekend of Sept. 28. He has a visit date for Miami-FL also set but it's likely to be changed.

Forte isn't sure what three other schools will nab his remaining visits, but he's an idea for two of them. "I want to visit Illinois and I want to visit Arkansas," Forte said. "I don't know who the fifth one will be."

Most schools have a plan for how they are recruiting him. "Some are combo or point guards depending on the situation." Miami wants a big point that can score. BC wants him as a two guard for one year and then as a point. Illinois would like him to play the two-guard slot.

No matter what the situation, Forte just wants to play. He's not concerned about which guard slot schools have him slated for; he just wants to be on the court.

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