Jaren Jackson enjoyed recent visits to Indiana and Michigan

Four-star forward Jaren Jackson continues to improve and is making a college visit tour this month.

Coaches who have been through Indianapolis to see Jaren Jackson have been buzzing about the four-star prospect. The 6-foot-9 Jackson continues to make big strides with his game, and recently has made some key unofficial visits.

According to Jackson’s father, and long time NBA veteran, Jaren Sr., everything has gone very well so far with his son’s recruitment and visits.

“This stretch gives Jaren a chance to see college practices, and I kind of like that for him,” explained Jackson Sr. “Also the coaches want him to come up and see their style of play and continue to make a case why he should go to their school.”

So far Jackson has been able to see schools like Georgetown, Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue, Butler, Xavier, Illinois, and Michigan among others.

Most recently Jackson made the trip up to Ann Arbor to see the Wolverines where he picked up an offer from John Beilein and his staff.

About the trip, Jackson Sr. said, “They don’t give out offers to a lot of people, and are very particular with the type of kid they offer. They preach academics and want to make sure that the recruits they bring in are up to par academically as well as being a good fit for their program.”

He continued about the Wolverines, “We understood everything they do and what they say. They recognize his upside, and they saw him recently at two open gyms and feel he can bring a lot to their team. Every time they see him, they say they like him more and more, and are sure that Jaren would be a perfect fit for their program.”

Jackson is a good student, and according to his father the focus on academics was important to the family.

“There was a lot of focus on academics with them, and that is something we are excited about,” said Jackson Sr. “It was a very good visit.”

Days before heading north to Ann Arbor, the family drove an hour south to check out Bloomington and the see the Hoosiers practice.

“Indiana is of course very interested in Jaren,” said Jackson Sr. “Crean is a straight forward guy who is very passionate about what he believes he can do for Jaren as a player and with what the school can bring him as well in all aspects not only on the court but as a graduate.”

Jackson Sr. continued, “Indiana made it a point that Jaren is an extremely high priority. They offer a few more kids than a school like Michigan does, but the messages are somewhat the same in terms of trying to highlight what the university brings to the students.”

With those two visits in the rearview, two more are coming up soon, starting with a trip back to where Jaren Jackson Sr. and his wife both attended college.

“Jaren starts fall break this week, so we have two visits that we are going on coming up,” said Jackson Sr. “We are going to Georgetown this weekend for their Midnight Madness which is on Friday night. Then next weekend we are going to Michigan State for their Midnight Madness.”

For now it remains extremely early in the process for Jackson, but his parents want him to have as much information as possible before making a decision. Taking visits is one of the big ways to help Jackson get that information.

“One of the goals is for us to manage this process the best that we can, but at the same time giving Jaren a chance to see the teams in practice as well as him having the opportunity to see what the campus like would be like at all of the schools,” explained Jackson Sr. “Anytime a recruit can see a team in practice that is a huge plus, and so far it has gone great.”

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