Burgess Has Leader

It took <b>David Burgess</b> 18 hours to fly to Las Vegas for the Big Time, and he definitely is tired. Between breaths he talked about his recruiting, his two new offers, and names a favorite...

David Burgess, 6-10 SR C, Irvine (Calif.) Woodbridge, admits that he's not playing really well at the Big Time, but has a pretty good excuse, having played for the last two weeks in Greece with the USA Basketball Junior Team and being pretty tired.

"I am pretty tired," Burgess said. "But I'll get some energy back."

Burgess missed the first couple of days at the Big Time, and with his flight delayed from Greece, he had to fly directly to Las Vegas. "It took me a total of about 18 hours," Burgess said. I went from Greece, to Franfort, to Washington D.C. and then to Denver. My flight was delayed in Denver, and I was going to go home for a while before coming to Las Vegas. But because of the delay, I flew directly here. I didn't get much sleep in those 18 hours."

As for recruiting, Burgess said he's had the same top five for a while – UCLA, Louisville, Oregon, Gonzaga and BYU – but recently picked up a couple more significant offers. "Florida and Indiana just offered me," he said. "That puts those schools on my list, but probably not with those top five. Those top five probably stay the same."

When asked if he had a leader, Burgess said, "Probably UCLA. I know UCLA pretty well. It's the only school I've seen. But I have a top three of UCLA, Louisville and Gonzaga."

In August, when Burgess finally settles back in to home in Southern California, he said he'll try to start planning his official and unofficial visits. "I want to take official visits to those top five. We'll see if I can do it. I want to take an unofficial visit up to UCLA's campus again, too, this time with my brother, Chris. Chris played at Utah, so he knows UCLA's coach (Donny) Daniels, since he was at Utah."

Burgess said he worked hard last school year and raised his GPA to a 3.0. He said he also took the SAT and scored "around a 900," but said he intends to take it again to improve that score.

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