2019 Intro: Jaelen House

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - With a father, uncle and grandfather who played a combined 34 years in the NBA, it's no surprise that Phoenix 2019 point guard Jaelen House enters high school as a projected high major prospect.

One of the top 2019 point guards on the West Coast, Jaelen House hasn’t taken long to solidify himself as a very good long term prospect.

The son of 11-season NBA veteran Eddie House, Jaelen also has good bloodlines on his mother’s side, as his mother, Charlsie, is the sister of 14-season NBA veteran Mike Bibby and the daughter of 9-season NBA veteran and longtime NBA and college coach Henry Bibby.

With basketball a big part of his upbringing watching his father and uncle playing in the NBA while his grandfather was an NBA assistant, it’s no surprise that Jaelen has such a good feel for a young point guard.

The Phoenix Shadow Mountain freshman is 5-foot-9 and 135 pounds and has grown a few inches over the year, with the appearance that he’s not nearly done.

House has a good frame with long arms and impressive instincts. He’s extremely active on defense, using his quick hands and lateral quickness to guard the ball well, while also has the handle and vision to create for others.

“I think I play defense well,” House said. “I try to stay in and play defense as much as possible.

“I need to get in the gym and shoot more and I need to get stronger to play against bigger kids. I need to work on stuff with my dribbling.”

Jaelen’s father was a legend at Arizona State and uncle a legend at Arizona, but House doesn’t claim allegiances to anyone at this point.

“I like college basketball but I don’t really have a favorite team,” he said.

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