Q&A with five-star 2017 guard Troy Brown

LAS VEGAS -- 2017 guard Troy Brown, of Las Vegas (Nev.) Centennial, went for 15 points and double digit rebounds in a win over Silverado on Tuesday night with an assistant from California looking on. Following the victory, Brown discussed his game, recent trips to Arizona, California and UNLV, plus his plan for the recruiting process.

How did you think you played today?
Troy Brown I thought the game went decent. We came out slow and that’s something we have to work out. Some games we come out fast paced and playing hard, but sometimes we come out sloppy like we did today. Overall I thought we played pretty decent and we got the W.

This is your junior season and your third time back at it, how do you think you’re playing?
I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job. I’m still working at a lot of things like ball handling and shooting the basketball and just being more of a leader on the court and talking and getting my team to follow behind me.

Do you have a focal point with your game this season?
Just being more aggressive. Last year I kind of took the backseat because we had a lot of seniors on the team, but I feel like this year is our year and in order for us to win I have to take control.

You took a round of visits in the fall, how did that go?
I never took the Stanford trip. They weren’t there. They were on vacation, so I never got to go there. But I went to Cal and Arizona.

How was the California visit?
The Cal visit was pretty good. I liked it. It was a great atmosphere and then I got to see my man Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown, so it was really good.

What did they relay to you about the program?
They were just telling me that it’s a great school academically and you can have a lot of fun there and that there basketball program is great.

What about the Arizona trip, how was that?
It was the same thing. I got to see Ray [Smith] and Justin Simon so it was a great experience seeing them there and seeing how much fun they are having. Basically they relayed the same message about just having a good basketball team and being able to play for a coach that used to be a point guard.

Do you feel like there is a school or a group of schools that have prioritized you?
Yeah I would say so, but at the same time I think there are a lot of coaches that I haven’t talked to that are going to call me. It’s kind of a mixture of both.

What schools are in the mix right now?

I don’t really have a list, but I would just say Ohio State, Arizona, UNLV,  Cal, Stanford, OregonTexasDukeKansas. There are still a lot of schools and I haven’t made up my mind on anything.

Are there any head coaches that you feel like you’ve developed strong relationships with?

I would say coach Martin from Cal, coach Sean Miller. I would say coach Dave Rice from UNLV.

Is there a draw to stay home?

Yeah, a little bit. It’s my hometown and it’s Vegas. Yeah so I would say, yeah.

You said you went by Cal and Arizona, have you been by UNLV?

Actually I went to a practice and I watched them play a little bit in the preseason.

Where are you at with this process?

Sometime in January or February I plan on cutting my list to ten.

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