Tark Classic: Q&A with nation's top prospect, DeAndre Ayton

LAS VEGAS -- Following DeAndre Ayton's 28-point, 14-rebound effort during the opening round of the Tarkanian Classic, the 7-foot big man sat down with Scout to discuss his development and his top three schools.

Scout.com: Describe your game, when you’re at your best what are you doing on the court?
DeAndre Ayton: I’m an inside, out player. I just love shooting the ball to be honest. When I’m shooting the ball consistent like I’m doing now, I use the pump fake and go straight to the rim and I think I’m good at stopping and looking for a good play to make for my team to score. I love running the floor. I love rebounding, especially the offensive glass.

You seemed more aggressive in the second half today…
I was a little disappointed in the first because my shot wasn’t falling, so I just wanted to attack the rim for the first five minutes and see what I needed to do.

You mentioned your jump shot, is that something you’ve spent time working on?
Yes. I think it’s God given touch, you know.

How’s everything going at Hillcrest?
Hillcrest is great to be honest. It’s nice and low key. I’m getting school work done. I know there was little stuff out there saying I wouldn’t be eligible. But we got hta tput aside and I’m doing my school work. The program has made me part of their family. The haters are going to have their opinion and we are going to stick to us.

How’s the recruiting process going?
To be honest, I have my top three right now. Kansas, Duke and Kentucky. I’m still hearing from others and they are talking to Larnell Johnson. He’s handling it and we are talking about.

What makes those schools your top three?
Their past big men and their mobile big man. At Kentucky you’ve got Anthony Davis. He’s the future player of the league. He’s very mobile and hes’ getting strong and he’s got a nice jumper. With Kansas, hopefully he gets better, but Joel Embiid was doing pretty good at Kansas. And Duke. I liked Okafor’s back to the basket, so those things caught my eye about those schools.

Have those schools talked to you about taking a visit? And have you taken any to date?
Yes they did, but I haven’t take any.

Have you put much thought into the recruiting process?
Not really. I’m just focused on trying to win as many games as I can.

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