City of Palms: Udoka Azubuike is focused on Florida State, Kansas and UNC, decision soon

ORT MYERS, Fla. -- Udoka Azubuike is always up for a battle, and it was clear Sunday's loss at the City of Palms Classic stung. The rugged senior center had just completed a hard fought, low scoring showdown against Top 5 prospect Thon Maker when he took a few minutes to update his recruitment, which appears to be nearing its conclusion.

How did you think you played today?
If I hadn’t gotten quick fouls, I could have done better. I know what I can do and my capacity of the game. I think I did pretty good, but I could have done better. 

Wipe out this game, how is the season going for you?
Pretty much, I’m averaging like 20 points and we are like 8-1. So it’s been going pretty good for me. 

What are your strengths as a player?
I just want to go out there and post up. I’m a different big, I like to post up and use my advantage and pretty much try to get to the rim. 

Is there anything in particular you’re focused on improving right now?
I’ve been working on my free throws a little bit, my free throws didn’t go in today, but I’ve been working on my free throws. Sometimes you just have some games where some things just happen. But I’ve been working on my free throws and my hook shot. 

How’s the recruiting process going?
It’s been stressful a little bit, but I’ve been pretty happy with my host dad, he’s been able to keep it compact. 

What was the reason for not signing early, because that was the expectation? 
Yeah it was. It was a lot of schools and a lot of stuff going on. There was a lot of pressure going on and that’s really why I didn’t sign. 

Do you have it down to a few schools?
Pretty much, North Carolina, I’ve been talking to them a lot and Roy Williams a lot. Kansas, I’ve been in touch with Bill Self a lot and then Florida State and that’s close to home. 

What do you like about each of those schools?
Florida State, they’ve been on me since the very beginning. Coach Ham is a pretty good coach. There’s a family atmosphere and it’s close to home. With Kansas, I like their big men and the way they play, the style and all that. North Carolina is the same thing, Roy Williams, ever since we’ve been talking, there’s a family atmosphere at North Carolina and each time I talk them and the way they approach me, and the way they talk to me, pretty much everything and I have a good feel. 

Is N.C. State still involved?
Yeah, pretty much. 

Do you have a timetable on making a decision?
Pretty soon. That’s what I’ll say, pretty soon. 

What’s Roy Williams’s pitch been to you?
He’s telling me pretty much everything. He talks about my potential and he calls me all the time and texts me all the time. Bill Self, too, they’ve been constantly talking to me and telling me that I’m their No. 1. They say in two years I’d be the best kid they’ve ever had with my age and personality and all that, so it’s been good.

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