Big Man Gets New Looks

6-10 <b>Joakim Noah</b> from New York has had a very good July evaluation period and has seen quite a few more schools interested in him -- including elite high-majors. Noah talked about his recruiting and his plan to choose a school...

Joakim Noah, 6-10 SR C/PF, Brooklyn (New York) Polytech Prep, has gone from a second-tier high major to probably an elite high-major recruit as a result of his showings during this July evaluation period.

He said that he practically has a new list of schools he's now interested in, since so many new schools have recently expressed interest in him, and Noah said he's enjoying all the newfound attention.

"It's good," Noah said. "It's good to be recruited by some top schools. That's what you're out here to get done."

Noah said that the loose list of schools he's considering include Duke, Maryland, UCLA, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Fordham. It's a loose list since Noah really hasn't had the time to think about schools. "I really don't have a favorite right now. So many of these schools just started recruiting me right after I played well at the ABCD Camp, so I don't even know what I think about them."

Noah, who is the son of tennis player Yannick Noah, said he wasn't sure what schools he would consider visiting officially. "I'll wait until August and then talk to my family. I'm just not sure right now. My family is in Africa for a while, so I'll wait until they get back."

Noah did say that staying close to his home in New York wouldn't play a big role in his decision. "I'll go wherever the school is that I like. It doesn't matter if it's across the country," Noah said.

He said he had as 2.7 GPA and would take the SAT for the first time this fall.

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