Gilchrist Making One Last Visit

It's been a wild few days for Virginia Beach (VA) Salem point guard John Gilchrist. First, there was the phantom announcement. Then, all of the sudden he was headed north for a few campus visits and right now he's trying to make plans for a final trip.

Gilchrist Will Visit NC State

Point guard John Gilchrist has a decision to make. Actually, he has a few decisions to make. First and foremost, he has to figure out what he's doing this weekend. For the last two years, he's played in the Five-Star Hoops Classic with Boo Williams. That event is this weekend.

"I'm trying to put [the weekend] together," Gilchrist said. "Right now, if I don't go to the New York tournament this weekend, I'll visit NC State this weekend." Should he opt to play in the event, he'll make the trip to NC State the following weekend.

Last Friday, the buzz was that Gilchrist was going to announce for NC State. Not only did he not make the announcement, he went ahead and visited Georgetown officially and then went to Maryland on an unofficial with his parents. The whole situation was confusing. "It was just a misunderstanding, I believe," Gilchrist said.

Upon returning home from his visits, the NC State staffers were waiting for him, continuing the Pack's push for a commitment. However, Gilchrist maintains that he's considering the Pack, the Terps and Hoyas. "It's between all three of them, neck and neck. It's confusing. All of them have their good points and everyone has their weak points."

Last Friday, when the buzz was taking place, Georgetown was mobilizing its forces and putting together an official visit that saw him fly to D.C. on Friday and leave on Saturday. "A lot of stuff was coming out and people were saying different things. Georgetown said come down for the weekend and I visited." Then, his parents met him and the family went to Maryland.

Depending on his schedule, the decision should come in the near future. Right now, you have a case where a young man is trying to sort through his options and make some sense of his recruiting situation. We'll keep you updated as things develop.

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