A look at how Penn State's talented 2016 class is doing as seniors

Pat Chambers has signed his best class ever at Penn State. Led by point guard Tony Carr, here is a look at how the quartet of prospects is doing as seniors.

There is absolutely no question that Tony Carr is the gem of the class for Penn State. Carr has had a good senior year, and when evaluated in Delaware at the Slam Dunk to the Beach he proved again why he is one of the best and most versatile guards in the country.

At around 6-foot-4, Carr brings great size to the point guard position. He has the ability to really see over the defense in ball screen situations, and then also is excellent finishing at the rim.

Carr is not someone who is a great outside shooter, but he is working on that, and most importantly he knows he isn’t great, so he doesn’t attempt too many of them. Instead he attacks the rim and works to get others involved.

Defensively Carr has the ability to guard almost any point guard or wing, and might actually be best on a wing depending on the matchup. He has shown to be a committed defender who gives effort and is locked in.

Overall Carr has looked great so far as a senior, and the more he gets used to everything as a leader the better it will be. He continues to show his big time upside, and with his unique game Pat Chambers can use him in a variety of different ways on the court.

There is a lot to like with Lamar Stevens, and as a senior he continues to show it. Tough he is definitely an undersized power forward, Stevens finds a way to be effective. At Slam Dunk to the Beach he was dominant at times, and his athleticism and toughness make him a difficult matchup.

Look for Stevens to be used as a mismatch by Chambers where he can expose a bigger player out on the floor with his ability to handle the ball and face the rim. Then once the ball goes up, Stevens has that sense for where it is coming off of the rim and knows how to go get it against taller players.

Because his skill isn’t elite and he is undersized, Stevens will likely have a limited ceiling going forward, but as a college player he should be extremely productive.

While Carr and Stevens get the most attention, Nazeer Bostick might be the most important commitment as he was the one who got the ball rolling. Bostick is a tough and athletic wing who always plays hard.

At this point Bostick is projecting as a role player. He hasn’t shown too much improvement with his skill game, and mostly relies on athleticism and energy to get on the floor. With Roman Catholic he has a defined role and he plays it well, but some of that gets mitigated going forward.

Still there is always a place for a wing who will defend and play hard, so while Bostick may never be a huge contributor with points and rebounds, but he should find his way into the rotation before it is all said and done.

 Joe Hampton is currently sitting out his senior season due to a knee injury. When Hampton does eventually get back on the court he will bring some size and skill. He is kind of a power forward/center who likes to score in the mid-range and can even stretch it to the three point line. However Hampton has never seriously committed to getting himself in shape, and that will be his biggest test at Penn State.

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