How have UW signees performed during the 2015-16 basketball season?

Washington signed two 2016 prospects in the fall. Scout breaks down how the future Huskies have performed during their senior seasons.

We have seen Markelle Fultz multiple times this season, and even with extremely high expectations coming off of a breakout performance over the summer, he has exceeded them. This year DeMatha is not as loaded as they traditionally, but Fultz has absolutely put the team on his back and has been one of the best players in the country.

We have had some discussions and debates as to whether Fultz is a point guard or shooting guard, and ultimately we settled on making him a point guard, and that has proven to be the correct decision. Even though he is most definitely a scorer first, Fultz controls a game and is also a capable passer, especially when he is around better players.

Already Fultz has an extremely lofty ranking, No. 7 overall nationally, and it isn't out of the question to think he could bump up a spot or two when rankings are finalized following the McDonald's All-American Game as he has been that good as a senior.

Scout hasn't evaluated Timmins since the summer since he's an international prospect and he's now enrolled at Washington and redshirting this season, but he remains part of the Huskies' 2016 class.

In Timmins, Washington landed a big center with wide shoulders and soft hands. He can finish with both his left and right around the basket and has decent footwork. His size makes him a good area rebounder and will make driving more difficult for opposing slashers.

Timmins will have to get in a bit better shape in order to mesh well with Lorenzo Romar's up and down system, but that's where arriving early and redshirting will be big. Landing quality centers is always difficult and it looks like Washington did just that by signing Timmins from New Zealand.

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