Q&A with 2017 No. 1 DeAndre Ayton

TORONTO -- Following the third day of Basketball Without Borders, Scout's top prospect in 2017 prospect -- DeAndre Ayton -- went one-on-one to discuss his play and where things stand from a recruiting standpoint.

Scout: What did you think about Basketball Without Borders?
DeAndre Ayton: This camp was one of the most competitive camps here. These dudes don’t talk too much about their games, but they show it. They are silent but deadly to me. That’s what I like about these guys.

Did it surpass your expectations?
It was better than I expected. They slowed down the ball a lot. They took their time. That was a whole new thing to me. I had to really sit down and defense. Everyone wasn’t running and jumping. To me, I got a little lazy on D. But man, I had to stay in the game a lot on defense. I had to focus in.

How challenging was it?
Out of 10, I’d say a seven or a seven and a half. IT was good.

What do you think you did well here?
I played a lot of defense at this camp. I didn’t really show much offense until the second day of camp, where I showed I could shoot the three ball and from mid-range. But I played a lot of defense in this camp. I really had to talk. The coaches were looking to me to direct the traffic and the defense and to call out screens, hustle plays. That really came out of me.

Where do things stand recruiting wise?
Recruiting wise, I don’t really know. I just, not released it, but that wasn’t my top three. They are just up there right now. KentuckyDuke and Kansas. They are just up there right now. Those are the ones there right now.

Kansas is showing a lot of love. I liked Kansas when I went on my unofficial visit. I like their type of play and how coach Self plays.

Have they been recruiting you pretty hard?
They’ve been recruiting me since ninth grade I think. They’ve been in there.

Have they been recruiting you harder than the others?
Yes. Those are the ones I really hear from a lot.

Do you plan to set up more visits?
I think I’m going to be taking more this summer.

Are there any schools that you know you want to see?
I think UCLA. UCLA has been on me since last year, my sophomore. So UCLA, yeah.

I haven’t really been talking to them really, so I don’t really know. But I know they’ve been sending letters.

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