The State of College Basketball

The tragedies of Tuesday paralyzed our nation and united Americans together as the nation grieved. From a basketball perspective, all we can do is hope and pray that none of our traveling coaches who were on the road conducting visits were involved in the incident. While many coaches were stranded at airports, so far the are no reports of any coaches or players on the hijacked flights.

Tuesday's Effects On College Basketball

The horrifying news of what was taking place in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania halted the world of college basketball. On Tuesday, things like in-home visits and official trips just weren't of importance as our nation was forced to deal with terrorists attacks on the unsuspecting Americans.

Many college coaches around the nation were on the road conducting visits Monday night. By 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning, those same coaches found themselves grounded. Many coaches got on airplanes only to de-plane before ever getting into the air. With no apparent way to get home, many coaches were able to rent cars and make long drives back to their respective campuses.

However, as one can imagine, rental cars were at a premium at some airports and many were unable to secure transportation. Fortunately for some, colleagues drove hours to pick them up and help them get back to campus.

One can only guess what's going to happen this weekend as far as official visits. Surely, airports are going to be slammed with people trying to return to their destinations. We aren't even sure just when all airports will be back up and running so that is going to have its affect on movement around the country this week.

President Bush united our nation and urged us to move forward so that's what we'll do on this site, but it's tremendously difficult to talk basketball when our nation is still trying to recover from the massive terrorists attacks suffered on Tuesday.

Here is a look at what was to take place this week as far as in-home visits and official trips this weekend.

This week's known in-home visits:

Sept. 11 Deron Williams (Georgia Tech), Jason Fraser (Syracuse), Hassan Adams (California, UCLA), Brandon Roy (Oregon), David Mallon (Rhode Island), Ike Diogu (Illinois), Bryson Krueger (New Mexico), Shakiem Mitchell (George Mason), Corey Rouse (South Florida), David Chiotti (Oregon), Chet Stachitas (Davidson), Brand Buckman (North Carolina), Kevin Bookout (Oklahoma)

Sept. 12 Brandon Roy (Gonzaga), Shavlik Randolph (NC State), Jon Clark (George Washington), Corey Rouse (Virginia Tech), David Chiotti (Loyola Marymount), Brad Buckman (UCLA)

Sept. 13: Ike Diogu (Alabama), Brandon Lincoln (Missouri), Chris Ellis (Florida State), CJ Watson (Tennessee), Bryson Krueger (Vanderbilt), Jason Fraser (North Carolina), Rasmi Gamble (Winthrop), Jon Clark (Virginia Tech), Onyi Ibekwe (San Francisco), Brandon Worthy (Loyola Marymount), David Chiotti (New Mexico), Derek Quinet (Idaho), Boomer Herndon (Tennessee), Julius Lamptey (Illinois)

Sept. 14 Hassan Adams (Tennessee), Jason Fraser (St. John's)

Sept. 15 Hassan Adams (Boston College, Oregon State), Onyi Ibekwe (Portland)

Sept. 16 Shavlik Randolph (Kansas), Chris Ellis (Alabama), Bobby Jones (Wyoming), Alex Craft (Santa Clara), Kevin Bookout (Illinois)

Weekend Visits:

Sept. 15: Shelden Williams (Illinois), Nate Johnson (UNLV), Antwain Barbour (UNLV), Deron Williams (Illinois), Bamfield Harmon (Drake), Elijah Ingram (St. John's), Jason Fraser (St. John's), Jon Clark (Rhode Island), Matt Gorman (Syracuse), Julian Terrell (Vanderbilt), Gordy Zastrow (Ball State), Jarrett Jack (Michigan State), Matt Haryasz (Stanford), Ashanti Cook (Minnesota), Ike Diogu (Alabama), Bryson Krueger (Oregon State), Bernard Cote (Kansas), Aliou Kane (Minnesota), Stanley Gaines (Minnesota), Denham Brown (Virginia), Theodis Tarver (Mississippi), Patrick Haddan (Princeton), Charlie Bass (Ohio State), Brad Buckman (North Carolina), Kevin Bookout (Illinois)

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