Q&A: Five-star Kevin Knox breaks down Duke visit

Kevin Knox spent three days taking unofficial visits to Duke and North Carolina this past weekend. Scout conducted a Q&A with Knox to get his take on his trip to Durham, N.C., on his time with the Duke Blue Devils.

As an overview, what’d you think of your experience visiting North Carolina and Duke this weekend?

Both of the schools are really good. I really like both of them. The student sections were crazy. The atmosphere was just crazy. I visited both facilities and they were really nice and both are just really nice programs.

What all did you get to do at Duke?

Just before I got to walk around. The day before the game I got to watch them practice, walk around their facility, talk to coach K, talk to all the coaches, shoot around on the court and then the day of the game, I just sat in the players lounge and coach [Jeff] Capel took me on the court where the Crazies were and watched them warm up. I talked to Jahlil Okafor a little bit. 

How were your conversations with coach K? What was he telling you?

He was telling me how I fit there. They love to run too. He told me to watch Brandon Ingram and how much freedom he gives him and how he has the ability to run the point guard, run the wing, get rebounds, start the break, start their offense and just there’s a lot of freedom that he gives him and how if I go there, that’s how he would treat me to. 

I was curious if they were going to compare you to Brandon, did they expand on that any more?

The whole weekend they talked about me and him and how we are similar. We dribble, play the point guard, guard multiple positions. That’s all coach K talked about, the me and Brandon Ingram comparison.

What was your takeaway from coach K, after spending so much time around?

It was fantastic. He did a really good job of getting to me and my parents. My parents loved him. My parents loved all the coaches. I talked to him a lot, a lot. Almost every day I talked to him a good hour or hour and 45 minutes. Of course, we watched a lot of film on past Duke players that I play like and we watched film with the rest of the coaching staff. 

What did you think of the atmosphere at Duke?

The atmosphere at Duke was crazy, especially after the buzzer beater. It was ridiculous. It was loud the whole time in there. The Craziess, of course, were fantastic, They did a really good job. Their stadium is a little small, compared to North Carolina, but it was really loud in there. 

What did you think of your time with the Duke players off the court?

I got to hang out with them a lot. During the practice I got to shootaround with them on the court and they did a really good job of trying to get me there, of course. They did a really good job in practice. 

After this trip, they’ve been involved, they’ve offered, what sticks out to you about them and what do you like the most about them?

I just like the way coach just doesn’t run that many plays, he just lets his players play. He lets them think on their own. The freedom of their wings. He talked about that a lot this weekend and how much freedom he gives Brandon Ingram. He said when he’s hot the ball is always in his hands. Sometimes he has to get on him about not shooting, because he really wants him to shoot the ball and take control of the team. That really stood out to me and how much freedom he gives Brandon Ingram and he compared me and him a lot. 

This was an unofficial visit, but you did a lot in a short span and spent serious time with both schools. What prompted you to do this type of trip that was so in-depth that it was more like an official visit?

I thought this would be a very good weekend to spend up in North Carolina. Of course getting to see my grandpa (who lives in nearby Holly Springs, N.C.) and I had a lot of time to visit both of the schools. It was my first major, major unofficial visit. I just wanted to soak it all in and see how it felt and I think it went really well. 

Do you think you’ll do something similar with some other schools?

Oh yes sir. I plan on visiting other schools as well. 

You got a very close up look with both UNC and Duke, how do you compare those schools?

They both give their wings a lot of freedom and they both love to run up and down the court. Transition they both like to defend. That’s really a major part. They have a lot of really good plays that I saw. Brandon Ingram and Justin Jackson, those were the two guys that I really watched. A lot of plays go through them and they did a really good job of getting those guys the ball.

 How does a trip like this impact your overall recruitment? Are you trying to accelerate this process a little more?

I think after these two visits, I’ll start visiting more. Now it’s just starting to take unofficial visits. I’ll take more down the road. 

Have you thought about a timeframe on making a college choice?

I’m a ways from that. I’m thinking about cutting down my list after AAU season. It’s my last part of the season. I pretty much have some big time offers and that may be a good time to cut my list down. 

Do you have any more visits set up?

As of now I don’t.

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