Justin Winston is adding major recruiting interest

Class of 2018 forward Justin Winston is ready to really break through this spring and summer

In the new age of small ball basketball versatile power forward who can stretch the floor and be able to score inside while showing the ability to guard inside and out are in more demand than ever. In the 2018 class one player who is emerging in that role is Justin Winston.

At around 6-foot-7 bordering on even 6-foot-8, Winston has the size to be able to guard traditional power forwards but the skillset and desire to play outside as well as in. As a sophomore he has had a big season, and he continues to improve.

“We are just playing hard and running our stuff,” said Winston of the season. “I am trying to get better all-around and just become a complete player.”

Mostly a regional recruit right now, Winston has been to both Seton Hall and Rutgers for games this season.

About Seton Hall, Winston said, “The visit to Seton Hall was good. They are interested in me. The coaching staff is real nice and Isaiah Whitehead, they let their star players run.”

While Rutgers didn’t have their best season, Winston says he also enjoyed that trip and likes the coaching staff.

“I like Rutgers,” said Winston. “They have a good atmosphere and their coaches have been real nice.”

The next step for Winston is to suit up with the Playaz Basketball Club over the summer, and he looks to pick up a lot more interest as the spring and summer go on.


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