Q&A with Aussie PG William McDowell-White

PORTLAND -- Five-star point guard William McDowell-White will suit up of the World Team in the Nike Hoop Summit this week. The Australian talent discussed his first practice and where things stand in his recruitment.

How has the Hoop Summit experience been so far?
Personally I did better than I thought I woujld. I haven’t played against any of these guys and I actually played pretty well. I can still do a lot better throughout the week.

When you're at your best on the court, what you doing?
Just [playing] fast paced and getting others involved giving others confidence and let them showcase what they can do.

Do you feel like you have something to prove here?
I think everyone here has something to prove. For me personally I’ve heard some stuff from guys that are highly rated, so I’m just going to go prove I’m rated highly.

You'll likely be matched up with De'Aaron Fox, is that a match up you look forward to?
I’m really excited. I haven’t played against him yet. I’ve been to a few camps he’s been at, but never had a chance to play against him. That’s one match up I’m really excited about.

How is the recruiting process going?
I’ve been on three visits and still looking to visit two more. I still haven’t decided. I haven’t seen mom and dad for a couple of months, but I get back this week I’m going to chat with them and go from there.

What did you think of your trip to Arizona State?
That was a great visit. I felt really comfortable around the coaches and Bobby Hurley. That school speaks for itself. It’d be good to play under him because he knows what it takes to get to the highest level. I had a really good time out there.

How was the trip to Texas A&M?
That was something. That was really good. That was my first visit. I didin’t know what it would be like. My brother was there as well. It was good.

You also visited Fresno State, how was that?
My brother is committed there so my family is really close with them. It was really good. All of the visits felt comfortable.

Do you want to take any other visits?
Earlier there was Kansas and Michigan State. My dad actually is a big Michigan State fan so he wants to go there. There aren’t any more coming up. Hopefully I get some more and figure it out.

Do you have a timeframe on making a college choice?
Personally I want to make it in the next two weeks. I’ve talked to dad twice and he said we need to get it sorted out.

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