Elite academic schools continue to chase Isaiah Livers

HAMPTON, Va - Three-star forward Isaiah Livers continues to show his versatility on the court while picking up a lot of interest on the recruiting trail.

Over the past several months buzz has been building for forward Isaiah Livers. Livers is working to make the transition from power forward to small forward, and that seems to be going well. Now some of the top academic schools in the country are making sure to show Livers significant attention.

“The spring has been nice,” said Livers of the spring. “This is my first year with Meanstreets and I think I have played well. I am getting more aggressive, finishing better through contact, and things like that.”


He continued, “I am going to college to play on the wing, so for me the main thing is doing a good job of guarding on the perimeter. Also I am working on shooting the ball better.”

When it comes to his recruitment, Livers says that several schools are beginning to make him a priority recruit.

“Michigan State, Harvard, Notre Dame, Butler, Stanford, and Michigan are the main schools recruiting me,” noted Livers.

With a school list like that, one factor definitely is going to be of huge importance going forward when making a college decision.

“Academics are really big,” noted Livers. “That has always been the most important thing to my mom, and it is something I care a lot about.”

One school that is able to combine academics and athletics nicely is Notre Dame. During the year Livers had a chance to visit the Irish, and he likes what the program has to offer.

“I like how they play and how they have freedom,” said Livers of Notre Dame. “They also have a nice campus and a good atmosphere. I visited there for the North Carolina game. The players played real tough, I just liked the way they played.”

In-state the Michigan State Spartans have begun to show significant interest in Livers, and he has enjoyed talks with head coach Tom Izzo.

“Coach Izzo is always in my ear talking me up,” said Livers of the Spartans. “He is just a great coach and is always telling me what to do, and I try to do it on the court.”

Another school that has picked things up in recent months is Stanford. The new staff in Palo Alto is very interested in Livers, and he knows what a Stanford degree would mean for his future.

“Stanford is far away in California, but I am most concerned about my future, and obviously Stanford would mean a lot for me and my future,” said Livers.

For now expect Livers to continue to play out the spring and summer before making some visits to determine where he wants to spend his college years.

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