West Coast Rankings: 2004 SGs

With a number of high major prospects at the position, the shooting guards in the west are a fairly strong group. Who gets the nod as the top prospect?

The shooting guard position is strong at the top, with a number of high major prospects. Cummard wasn't seen by many people, as he played on a fairly low-profile team, but he's the best all-around prospect at the position. He's got the whole package in terms of skills, but he also plays with great intensity and competitiveness. Add to that the fact that he's as athletic as anyone in the group and you have a clear-cut choice for the top player at the position. After Cummard, Afflalo has the most well-rounded game of any player in the group. He can shoot the three, but also post up inside. He's a good passer and handles the ball very well. With his size and strength, he'll also probably be able to defend a two or three. Taylor is easily the best shooter at the position. He's improved his ability to shoot off the bounce and he's got excellent range. He's also more explosive off the floor than you'd think. Nelson competes as well as anyone at the position and he's very strong. He's got the ability to put up points in a hurry. Stuckey probably helped himself as much as anyone at the position in July. He's the best defender among the shooting guards and he's a terrific athlete. With a more consistent jump shot, he has a chance to be one of the real surprises from this class.

1) Lee Cummard, 6-5, Mesa (Ariz.) High
2) Arron Afflalo, 6-4, Compton (Calif.) Centennial
3) Bryce Taylor, 6-3, North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake
4) DeMarcus Nelson, 6-2, Sacramento (Calif.) Sheldon
5) Rodney Stuckey, 6-3, Covington (Wash.) Kentwood
6) Josh Shipp, 6-4, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax
7) Deandre Robinson, 6-4, Riverside (Calif.) Riverside King
8) Dwight O'Neal, 6-2, Fresno (Calif.) Washington Union
9) Harvey Perry, 6-4, North Las Vegas (Nev.) Cheyenne
10) Alex Harris, 6-3, Alameda (Calif.) St. Joseph's Notre Dame
11) Curtis Allen, 6-4, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
12) James Hughes, 6-3, Corona (Calif.) Centennial
13) Matt Thomas, 6-3, Riverside (Calif.) M.L. King
14) Michael Knight, 6-3, Seattle (Wash.) Seattle Prep
15) Lorenzo Keeler, 6-2, Escondido (Calif.) High

Other Shooting Guards Of Note:

Sean Ogirri, 6-1, Denver (Col.) East
Jose Sanchez, 6-3, South Gate (Calif.) High
Schuyler McKay, 6-2, Los Angeles (Calif.) Price
Gabe Freeman, 6-4, Phoenix (Ariz.) McClintock
Ronald Jenkins, 6-2, Denver (Col.) Montebello
Matt Sargeant, 6-3, Huntington Beach (Calif.) Ocean View
Eric Flato, 6-0, Piedmont (Calif.) High
Juan Pablo Silvera, 6-3, Murray (Utah Mt. Vernon Academy
Marcus Malone, 6-2, Carson (Calif.) High
Duboise Williams, 6-4, Tempe (Ariz.) Marcos De Niza
Nicholas Hansen, 6-4  Pocatello (Ida.) High 
Andrew Haskins, 6-3, Kirkland (Wash.) Lake Washington
Robbie Haynes, 6-2, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
Byron Marks, 6-3, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) High
Devon Hills, 6-3, Chico (Calif.) Pleasant Hills
Dawin Whiten, 6-2, North Hills (Calif.) Monroe
Adrian Aye-Darko, 6-1, West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade
Jonathan Tolliver, 6-3, Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester
Ralph Miley, 6-2, Downey (Calif.) Calvary Chapel
Carl Ross, 6-3, Fresno (Calif.) Washington Union
Khion Tate, 6-3, Berkeley (Calif.) High
Rogdrick Craig, 6-4, San Jose (Calif.) Valley Christian
Matt Forge, 6-4, Lewiston (Idaho) High
Arnie Hollis, 6-3, Compton (Calif.) Dominguez
Davis Baker, 6-3, Mission Viejo (Calif.) Capistrano Valley
Andrew Hatch, 6-2, Chino Hills (Calif.) Ayala
Raynard "Scooter" Milner, 6-2, Rialto (Calif.) High
John Williams, 6-2, San Jose (Calif.) Oak Grove
Brandon Turner, 6-3, Los Angeles (Calif.) Brentwood
Tyler Roberts, 6-3, Albany (Ore.) West Albany
Keena Payton, 6-2, Oakland (Calif.) Skyline
Jawann Rubin, 6-2, Union City (Calif.) Logan
Jamie Lester, 6-2, Victorville (Calif.) Silverado
Greg Spurgetis, 6-4, Spokane (Wash) Lewis and Clark
Sean Green, 6-3, Rialto (Calif.) High
Chuma Awaji, 6-2, Los Angeles (Calif.) Daniel Murphy
Sean Taibi, 6-4, Pueblo (Col.) East
Danny Anderson, 6-3, Morro Bay (Calif.) High
Larry Tieu, 6-2, Rowland Heights (Calif.) Rowland
Mike Hornbuckle, 6-1, Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian
Grayson Moyer, 6-4, La Jolla (Calif.) High
Franklin Henderson, 6-3, Aurora (Col.) Gateway
Adam Greenway, 6-2, Pleasanton (Calif.) Foothill
Douglas Daniels, 6-1, Vallejo (Calif.) Hogan
Houston Power, 6-2, Las Vegas (Nev.) Durango
Steve Elman, 6-5, Apache Junction (Ariz.) High
Bear Simerson, 6-3 Cathedral City (Calif.) High
Kevin Pledger, 6-3 Bellflower (Calif.) High
Donnie Harrison, 6-1, Portland (Ore.) Grant
Cori Anderson, 6-0 Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman
Zach Bachmeier, 6-3 Novato (Calif.) San Marin
Dan Stafford, 6-4, Auburn (Wash.) High
Sean Battinger, 6-2 Richmond (Calif.) Kennedy
Tim Sellereit, 6-1, Bellingham (Wash.) High 
Alex Rogers, 6-3, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Christian
Denaun Emanuel, 6-1 Bellflower (Calif.) High
Cleveland Files, 6-3 Albuquerque (New Mexico) Rio Grande
Patrick Fuller, 6-1, Pasadena (Calif.) Muir
Adam Perry, 6-2, Longview (Wash.) R.A. Long
Josh Griffin, 6-0 Edmonds (Wash.) Edmonds-Woodway
Jake Hill, 6-0 Gunnison (Utah) High
Michael Johnson, 6-0 Carson (Calif.) High
Mike Lawson, 6-4 Las Cruces (New Mexico) Mayfield
Tanner Nicholson, 6-2 Salt Lake City (Utah) West
Greg Okwudibonye, 6-3 Huntington Beach (Calif.) Ocean View
Paul Phangura, 6-0 San Jose (Calif.) Mitty
Chris Faidley, 6-1 Seattle (Wash.) King's
Mark Porter, 6-0, Reno (Nev.) Hug
Chandler Pearson, 6-2 Huntington (Utah) Emery

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