Kevin Samuel

Pangos: Three schools prioritizing athletic 2017 center Kevin Samuel

CERRITOS, Calif. - Defensive specialist Kevin Samuel has three schools working on him the hardest. Who's chasing after the athletic center?

It didn't take long into the Pangos All-American Camp for Kevin Samuel to prove he very much belonged.

The 6-foot-10, 220-pound 2017 center from Houston St. Thomas Episcopal was all over the place on defense, blocking shots and rebounding, while on offense he scored on the glass and made some impressive passes.

He's got a terrific frame with wide shoulders and long arms, plays very hard and has terrific instincts on defense.

"I'm a good shot blocker, I'm a good defender and I have good post moves," Samuel said. "I'm working on my dribbling skills and shooting so I can have an inside and out game."

Samuel listed three schools recruiting him the hardest.

"Boise State, Texas A&M and Houston," Samuel said, before breaking down what he likes about each of them.

Boise State: "Me and the assistant coach (Phil) Beckner are really cool; we talk a lot."

Texas A&M: "I haven't been out there yet but coach Ulric (Maligi) just went there and he's trying to get me there with him."

Houston: "They were the first ones who offered me a scholarship so they're really trying to get me there."

As of now there's no timetable on Samuel's decision.

"I'm not sure yet," he said.


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