Top 60 class of 2018 wing Robby Carmody talks recent visits

Four-star class of 2018 wing Robby Carmody made a pair of visits over the weekend, and he is hoping to get out and see a few more places before the start of July.

Running with Ohio Basketball Club it was a very solid spring for Robby Carmody. The tough and attacking wing guard put up big numbers on the adidas Gauntlet, and now he is beginning to make more college visits.

“It was pretty good,” said Carmody of the spring. “We didn’t play as well as I thought we were capable as a team, but we were missing our point guard, so that hurt us a little bit. I thought overall we were pretty successful and made it to the Gauntlet finals, and individually I thought I played pretty well.”

June 15 was the first day that college coaches could begin directly contacting Carmody, and that has started a busy stretch for his phone.

“It has been crazy,” said Carmody. “I’ve been getting calls left and right and that has been fun. You only experience this once, so I am just trying to enjoy it.”

Schools such as Notre Dame, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Purdue, Michigan, Louisville, Ohio State, and numerous others have all called on Carmody, and recently he had a chance to make a pair of unofficial visits.

Over the weekend Carmody saw both Michigan and Purdue.

About Michigan, Carmody said, “I loved Michigan. The facilities they have are crazy. We also got to see some of the academic buildings and those were great. Also Ann Arbor had a lot of things you could do, and it was a really good experience to go down there.”

John Beilein is one of the more meticulous coaches when it comes to offers, and while Carmody didn’t receive one on the visit, he thinks one could be coming shortly.

“He wants to see me in person in July before he offers,” said Carmody of Beilein. “He thinks that I am definitely someone who can fit in well.”

When it comes to the visit to Purdue, Carmody said, “It was cool. They told me the same things as usual and that I fit in well. I fit in at Purdue differently than Michigan but I think I fit in well there.”

Carmody feels his playing style is what appeals to Purdue, and how Purdue plays appeals to him.

“Purdue is a tough hard-nosed place, and I think that is the style I bring to the table,” said Carmody. “I will dive for loose balls and lay it on the line for a teammate, and that is what Purdue is all about.”

While there isn’t much time left to make visits before the start of the July evaluation period, Carmody is hoping to work a few trips in.

“I think we are going to try to get to Northwestern, Louisville, and Notre Dame,” noted Carmody.

Notre Dame has long been involved with Carmody, and though the Irish had a lot of staff turnover, things are still good between the parties.

“The new guys on the staff are great,” said Carmody of the Irish. “The transition was a little weird because I had a good relationship with the other guys, but things are great with them.”

When it comes to Louisville, Carmody said, “All of their history is great, and Coach (Rick) Pitino is one of the greatest coaches ever. It is kind of a run and jump system, and I think that fits me well.”

For now Carmody is in no hurry to make a decision and will continue to take visits and learn as much as he can about all of the schools after him.

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